Shelby Lynne

I have the new Shelby Lynne cover disc of songs recorded by Dusty Springfield. I think it is my favorite disc of the past 6 months at least. Others hear this?

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I just played this through for the first time this morning. Comments here caused me to go for the CD version instead of risking a noisy LP. I think this is a very good album musically and sonically. The musicians are really top notch and the guitar playing by Dean Parks is, as always, fantastic. The whole album has got a really good "vibe"--a little like Nora Jones but with SOUL. While the recording quality is quite good (I'm sure the fact that Doug did the mastering has helped in this regard) I feel they missed the boat ever so slightly on her vocals. There is a lack of body and immediacy here that detracts ever so slightly from the experience. The vocals are good, just not great. It is the kind of deficiency one might expect from using a lesser quality mic--subtle but noticeable. Anyone else feel the vocals could have been a bit warmer, more focused and more immediate?
Some of you may be interested in Shelby's discussion of the virtues of analogue recording which appears as a side bar on the home page of her website