Live From Daryl's House-Shelby Lynne Christmas Special

They are replaying this episode. Just watched it.  If you get a chance to see it, please do.  It's my favorite episode of this series.  It's excellent!

Shelby has one hell of a voice.  She can REALLY sing.

GREAT show...
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Channel and time?????
Sorry, I should have posted that. I’m on Comcast Cable in Colorado.  The channel was Palladia and it just aired from 7PM-8PM Mountain time.
Check out the episode with Joe Walsh. He wipes the floor with those cats!
Thanks Mofi.

This has been a pretty good month for great music on AXS TV, Palladium, CBS and PBS.

Merry Christmas!
Mofi, great reminder.

Guys, you can watch all the episodes free online on the Live at Daryls House website. If you search the archives here you'll find a couple of threads with a number of great episode recommendations including both classic artist guests and many talented newer performers like Brett Dennen, Diane Burch.

IMHO, along with Later With Jules Holland, one of the best music-related series ever. Cheers,
Just watched episode 61 online w/Shelby and it was Excellent.  I'm a huge fan and have like 5 of her CDs. Definitely worth watching.  I'm not a fan of Daryl.