Lynne Arriale

I work from home. I got to my desk and turned on Pandora.
This killer jam came on with a smoldering trumpet. I got up to see who the musician was. It was the Lynne Arriale album calle 'Nuance', the cut is named "Carry On'...the monster trumpet solo is by Randy Brecker. Check it out if you have one of the pay-radio services.
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Here is a Youtube clip for those who are curious.

Whoa John!! Great clip...thank you!

Excellent sound quality too from YouTube.
Great clip John and thanks Mitch4t!
There is also a CD version of this with some different "nuances."
Lynne Arriale has at least 10 albums out and they are all good. I really like her music, which is almost entirely piano trios.

The drummer on all 10 albums is Steve Davis who has a unique style. He is not a timekeeper type of drummer, he is part of the conversation amongst the trio.

Her music has become more complex since her first cd in 1994, but it is still not for people who like their jazz "challenging" or "out there." She plays jazz that is mostly beautiful and melodic but not smooth or pop.

Check out one of her newer cds. I don't understand why she isn't better known.
Well that figures, It looks like Lynne and Steve Davis have parted ways on her last two group recordings. The most recent album I have is "Nuance". I should have looked at it before I posted. It features Anthony Pinciotti on drums and so does her most recent, along with a horn player.

My previous post applies to everything before "Nuance".

Oh well, check her out anyway.
She's in my rotation on Pandora.
I'm really enjoying "Lynne Arriale Trio Live" (CD/DVD SET).
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