Shelby Lynne

Just got home from seeing Shelby Lynne in a very small club. Bass, drums, guitar and Shelby playing guitar. The guitar player touring with her is the guy from the Wallflowers. Small clubs are less than she deserves but great for her fans. Blah blah blah - skip to the end...Shelby Lynne is tough as nails, what a show to see such a great song writer and performer and such a real person on stage. She slayed the small, very appreaciative crowd, touched us with a tribute to Johnny Cash (When Johnny met June), was touched when the crowd knew *all* the words to "Where Im From" and generally kicked ass for the ballance of the show. Signed autographs after the show and talked with with us in a way that made me just love her more.
POSITIVE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I have listened to Shelby Lynn grow over the years. She continues to come into her own which I think is the mark of a true artist. She is one special singer and songwriter, and it doesn't hurt that she is so beautiful.
Weird - I was listening to Shelby Lynne's latest ("Identity Crisis") when I came across this thread. Shelby's sister - Allison Moorer - is great too!
Was that the show in Nashville? I was there, too. I really liked that last number.. it rocked!!
This was in Charlotte, I think Nashville was the next night. Hope she got a big turn out down there (where you would hope she would be appreciated). With the crap that makes the top of the country charts, Shelby Lynne diserves to be recognized for her true talent, not just another over-produced country chart product singing a stupid novelty song. And by the way, her 'I am' CD just happens to be playing now.....