Shanling CDT100 vs T200 for red book CD's???

I've decided to buy a Shanling CDT100 or T200 but don't know which one to get. I will be listening to almost 100% red book CD's. I don't care at all about HDCD but wouldn't mind having the SACD option. But it wouldn't stop me from the 100 if it did a better job with plain old CD's...

I've heard the T200 has better parts then the 100. Which I guess makes sense considering it's $700- more.

What about the upsampling? T100 has is, T200 doesn't. Does it make a difference?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AND, I can't afford and don't want the mod'd upgraded one. I don't mind changing some tubes (WE 396a's seam to be recommended) and the power cord, but that's it. What I buy is what I get. Done.

Given only the choice of the T100 or T200, I'd opt for a new (I repeat new) T200 because of the SACD capability (translate higher resale). You'll benefit by having the warranty coverage on a new model. If you're looking for a great redbook-only player there are other choices you might also consider: Audio Aero Prima (tubed), Marantz SA-14 (redbook and SACD), used Modwright Signature modded Sony 9000 or 999ES (tube output) or Sony XA777ES. All I believe would be excellent alternatives.
I've heard both at length and prefer the CDT-100 for red book and it's also less expensive (primarily due to no SACD support). The upsampling is a nice addition and does improve redbook, HDCD's sound great! I bought the 100, no regrets
CD T100 for me also is superiod for redbook and I've heard both extensively. As well...the modded CD T100 would not be far off from the price of the CD T200. You might think about that...
what is redbook?
HDCD is a good option IMO, unless you've got Simaudio Eclipse...