Jolida J100, Shanling CDT100, or 640C with DAC?

OK GUYS! I narrowed down the search to these.

1) Get the Jolida... I can always upgrade through mods over time, gives me a slight upgrade over the 640C that I have now. I would sell the 640C.

2) Shanling CDT100... just outside my budget but a strong midrange front to it. TUBES! I would sell my 640C.

3) Sim Audio Equinox... solid state but a nice all in one player

4) Keep the 640C and get the Audio Mirrot DAC to team up with it.

Whats your thoughts?
Having compared the 640c several times to my Jolida, I would get the Jolida hands down! Put some nice tubes in the Jolida and it will kill the 640c. no contest.
I totally agree about that... but I am going to use the 640C as just a transport. The Audio Mirror DAC will be the huge difference there.
It's a tough call between 3 and 4. There is a soft spot in my heart for the Sim, but the Audio Mirror DAC has been an excellent companion to my Alesis CDP which I am using as a transport. Option 4 will save you some money.

As a side note. I'm a big tube fan (amp, preamp, and phono stage). If you have not done so already I implore you to email or speak to Vlad at Audio Mirror as to why he did not build a tube DAC. If you don't have any other components that are tube based, a tube CDP like the Jolida with excellent NOS tubes can add a nice touch (I'm not a big fan of Shanling) to your system. However, a home audition with the Audio Mirror would be my first choice. If it doesn't work out send it back. You could also list it on Audiogon and sell it immediately for near cost. Heck I'm even considering buying another one.

Good luck with your decision. Really, other than the Shanling IMO you will be happy. Just happier with the Audio Mirror ;)

We're probably talking apples and oranges here but assuming that a good digital cable is used with good PCs for the 640c and Audio Mirror, I would venture to say that set up would best the Jolida. Maybe not by a lot depending on other system parameters, but we're talking maybe $750 for a D1 and a good digital cable, versus approximately $1000 for the Jolida with NOS tubes. That's a $250 cost difference to go along with the improvement in sound. JMHO of course.

I'm not down on the Jolida. I even considered buying the Jolida and the D1. That way if I wanted the tube sound I could use the JD 100 as a CDP and if I wanted to use solid state I would use the JD 100 as a transport with the D1. Best of both worlds.

Rkerv - you may want to consider the above scenario. Then sell off or return what you don't need. Jolida's are a easy sell as well. Not to mention a number of dealers on Audiogon who will let you try it out first.
Sorry, but I have to put a word in for Shanling. The sound is okay out of the box but can be improved with just a tube change. The way to make it really make it sing is to get the unit modified by Reference Audio Mods. I had mine done by Kyle and it is impressive. Not too bad to look at either, a real conversational piece.
If there are tubes in the signal chain already- amp or preamp -why not a non tube CDP? Greatly expands the number of good to very good CDP's to consider.

Very good thought and one that influenced my decision. There is such a thing as too much warmth.
I have the JD100A and love it. I gained new appreciation for it with each upgrade in tubes, powercord and ic's. It is at it's best now and really good. However, I agree that too many tubes may be too warm. I'd be looking at a solid state front end if I had a tube amp and preamp already.
Clio - I haven't had an Audio Mirror in my system so I can't say. What tubes did you have in your Jolida?

The two Jolida JD-100s I tested had stock and Svetlana tubes. I know from reading the threads these aren't necessarily the best, but I took that into consideration in comparing the player to the D1. I had the Sim here at the same time and the while I thought the Sim performed better, their sound is quite different.

I have to say it was tempting to keep the Jolida with the D1 as it made a great transport. Unfortunately the Alesis popped up and I had to grab it as in the end computer playback and HD recording/storage are where I'm heading.

Why don't you try the Jolida with a D1. I'm sure you can work out a deal where it's returnable, if not it's easily sellable. I'd be interested in your opinion on it.