100 3D,Live in a Shanling CDT100,SP-80 system?

Beeing an audionut for 10 years,i solved the quest after audio-nirvana,using solid state gears in the year of 1998.

The 100% 3D"s soundpicture was rather fragile,depending on
time of day,week-day etc.

The gear i used was Sony cdp-50
Meridian 502 pre
Meridian 605 mono-amps
JAMO concert 11
and Audio-pro 15" wofer active sub.

Because of instability i lost some of the involvment,
in the quest concentrating on the "music"side.

Then the Shanling CD-T100 came on the markett,love at first sight. I changed the output tubes for W.E.396A,and
Sylvania Goldbrand(goldpins) 2C51 in Headphone-out.

I listened for 6-8 month on my Sennheiser-600 only to learn
the CD. I prefer Tube-output and 24/96 upsampling.
I heard that a phase/shift in the digital domain was missing,and to correct this,a 180# turn of the power-chord,
had to b-done. The digital-output had to b "on cables"too.

Now the SP-80 came on marcket so another buy.

Today its tube out from the cd,
then power-amp ,then JAMO-concert 11,

from S.State-out Meridian 502 pre to Subwofer inn.
I use NO toe inn the speakers paralell the walls,

and the music are with 100% foottapping
100% 3D (no sweet spot,)
100% soundstage
I now use Mullard EL34 but are going to change
the chinese 6SN/ and 6SL7 and expect a better "timbre"
and some more fine-details. At last a warning;

You dont need to pay for an expensive uppgrade of the
China-electronics but tuberolling,I see a lot of synergism
in the "original"-outfit.
Greetings Polledreng.
if you do a research Shanling SP80 come from DARED company
from China just the different name.
I am a little surpriced that no-one of more than 50 who looked apon my little "rewiew" of Shanling-gear asked,about
"what to do" with the digital out.
I had to make "more or less" the same as with
My Sony cdp 50es
My Meridian
My Yamaha
My Denon"s The digital output are very import.Even or
spec. when NOT connected to an DAC,I have had
and some other DAC"s
nothing beets The Shanling for time being.