Searching for Line Conditioner and Speaker Cables

I'm in preperation of buying my first real hi fi system; a NAT Utopia pre-amplifier and a pair of NAT SE2SE monoblock amplifiers. Also, along with these components, the Ayre QB9 DAC. I'm currently using a pair of Monitor Audio GS10 speakers. The profits from my work will offer me the chance to upgrade speakers however this won't be for a while. Finally, I need to consider quality speaker cables and an excellent line conditioner. As well, maybe a very good tuner. Cables, line conditioner and tuner can all be pre-owned if each one is in very good condition. Does anyone have any suggestions. Also, are there any considerations that I ought to be aware of with respect to this project? It's going to be a fun project!
For conditioners I have a strong appreciation for Sound Applications, as I own one. Check out their web site and look in the archives, for more on them as well as others.
Will do, thanks!
Do you need surge protection in your line conditioner? Some conditioners offer this, others do not. Shunyata and Running Springs both do, the MajikBuss (see the glowing threads on AudioCircle on this one) for example does not.

And what sort of price range do you think will be ideal?

And the number of outlets needed?

I have had each of the brands mentioned above in my system, and all made audible improvements with my gear. All have units below $1000 new, and can be found for less used (though the MajikBuss/UberBuss family doesn't show up used too often).

Speaker cable wise, you have a number of interesting options. Anti-cables are a great deal and are deserving of the praise that they get. I have also recently purchased Zu Mission cables which sound great with my Zu speakers (Postive Feedback actually has two recent reviews of these cables).

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: It all comes down to synergy. What works best with your system. Find ways to try out different options to see what works best with your equipment and to your ears.
I wish I had a way of trying out different cables before buying but I'm not certain whether or not it's possible. As far as surge protection, I live in an apartment so yes, it is needed. My price range is ideally around $2,000.00 pre-owned to around $3,600.00 new. I try to keep up with various product reviews on line but there is just so much out there and it's hard to get an idea exactly what angle audio manufactuers are coming from. I mainly listen to classical Cd's due to the extensive catalogue that Cd's offer but I collect classical 1940's and 1950's vinyl.
With that kind of price range, you could try a number of great options. I'd say check out the Running Springs, Shuyata, and maybe a PS Audio regenerator. A number of sites that offer new models of these with generous trial period options. I have also heard of folks who have really liked other conditioners in combination with the MajikBuss or UberBuss.

Just giving you the waters I have travelled, may well be great options that didn't make it onto my radar.
Head to homedepot, save your self tons of money without losing the effect.
Before posting this thread the only line conditioner that I had in mind was the BP-3.5 Signature PLUS. Initially I had hoped for a chance to purchase the NAT Xenon but it only come set for 220 volts.
The sound applications XE-12 6 duplex outlets, so 12 plugins, it usually goes for about 700-800 used, does require a 20 amp plug between it and the wall. So that should leave you plenty of cash for your cables etc.
Sure enough, for me used is the way to go. As a side note, I can't find a dealer for Sound Application. The website only offers their product reviews and the Berkley CA. address and phone number. Any suggestions on where to look for this line conditioner as pre-owned?
Hey Goofyfoot-saw the info that you collect classical Cds and older vinyl. If you are in need of another source-please keep me in mind. ( Hope this does not violate listing guidelines.