Researching solutions for purchasing a system

I am looking help purchasing a system components, less turntable, to take full advantage of my vinyl collection. I've made an attempt to research practical solutions but have become thoroughly overwhelmed. All I have to show after several months of hard work is that I believe I'd like to have tube based pre,and mono block amplifiers. I don't care about about brand name or looks (too much), but would like to budget $3-4k for these. Speakers - Again, overwhelmed but have grown to like the sound of Magnepan (3.6) w/tweeters and sub (if needed). Budget for the speakers is about $3 to $4k. Any help is appreciated!
I am Maggie fan. I would look into Audio Research pre, or a Conrad Johnson pre, or a B.A.T.pre. Amps are less of an issue. Amps you want lots of amperage available. (a Bryston 3 or 4sst.)
The Phono section of the pre should be skipped, and buy a separate phono pre-pre.
What are your listening habbits? What kind of music will this system play? At what volume levels? How often do you listen? I think the amplifier/speaker match will probably be your most important decision. Example: if you listen to small jazz groups, chamber music, or acoustic and will not drive at loud volume levels, then maybe a horn speaker with SET tube amp may be a solution. I'm not saying this is how you sould go, but again, just an example.
If tubes you want, look at the Cayin & VAS offerings. Great sound, value, both in initial purchase and resale.
Finally some solid direction! I'd like to respond to all by mentioning that I enjoy mostly any vinyl from the early 70's to present including rock & Motown, typically groups that have recorded in well equipt (quality) recording studios. I would prefer to buy modern, previously owned/upgraded components and would like to ask for specific model numbers for the AR,CJ, BAT, Bryson, Cayin and VAS potentials. Elizabth, I have a local shop that upgrades the 3.6s w/"super tweeters", "conditioning electronics" and high-quality (internal) wiring. I've listened to them w/subs (because they were needed) & they the combo was very impressive. Any comment on them needing upgrades or was that smoke & mirrors ? Thanks everyone!