Screw for Yamaha S-1000 disc tray

Hi, one of the screws that holds the front panel of the tray of my Yamaha S-1000 CD seems to have legged it. See pics of the other screw. Can someone tell me what type this screw is and where to find it? Looks like the head is 5mm, shaft 2.5mm wide and 4mm long?

Sorry for the stupid question; am not the handy type to my wife’s great disappointment (but I believe she still loves me and has come to accept it).

Pics in links below.

Thanks so much.
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Find a junk computer and you'll find a screw that can work most likely. That one looks a little short so you might have to cut it. 
@imhififan Thank you!  Ordered.  Now my toolbox will have even more unused stuff.
A good old fashioned hardware store or tool shop should have what you need as well.