Schiit Gungnir vs Denafrips Ares 2

Which is best DACs
I’m curious as well. I know it’s all about personal taste but would like to hear opinions as I’m considering these two brands along with MHDT, but since they don’t go through a dealer network we start with other opinions before clicking the buy now button. Anyone compared these two or one of with the MHDT Orchid? 
Another variable is which model of the Gungnir are you looking at.
Schiit offers a couple of upgrades. I am waiting to have my Gungy upgraded to Multibit and have the USB upgraded, too.
I’m going with Gungnir Multibit with Gen 5
USB, a friend of mine has his paired with a classic Sony 707 ESD CD player sound great.

Would it make since to go from a Schiit Gungnir to a Denafrips Ares 2? I'm very curious to try this DAC out.