SACDmods on Sony SCD-C555ES

I am very keen to upgrade my Sony SACD player. I find my vinyl setup is so much better that the player is sitting on the shelf turned off. Anyone that has modified their unit. What is the result. Thanks for responding.
I had give my NS500 the full treatment. Dramatic improvement. However, it's still off more than on as I spend most of my time listening to vinyl. Redbook saw a marginal betterment, but 2 channel SACD is so improved that I don't feel the need to go upmarket in players. As a matter of fact, I sold my Music Hall Maverick and returned to listening to the modded Sony. I could not justify enough of a difference to have a machine that costs 3X what the total cost of the Sony with SACDmod's upgrade. Matt Anker does a great job. YMMV
I have a Sony 9000ES with a full ModWright Signature Truth mod and am very pleased. This is the one with the vacuum tubes sticking from top of the player. Both CD and SACD are excellent. I'm a devoted vinyl fan and must say that this is the first player I've owned that really makes CD sound enjoyable. It is just the right balance of detail and warmth, with the best sound stage I've heard from CD. And SACD is amazing. I have not updated my Agon system profile so you can still see my previous system. While it was very good, this is much better.

I cannot comment on any of the lower level modifications, but my hunch is that you will enjoy whatever level you can afford.

Good luck.