Recent upgrades by SACDmods

I am looking for someone that can tell the difference between their SACD player before and after having a SACDmods done to it.
I have a Sony SCD 555ES that I would like to upgrade, as long as know I know what to expect.
My sense is that it will only improve SACD playback and not redbook.
I have my Sony 9000es DVP,before Dan Modwright did
mine, it is thin sounding,bass is just average,
one dimensional,soundstage is acceptable, After
the Mod the bass is well define,it has 3d now,
Sounstage is huge, it became very musical.Read
the Thread DV50. Avguru wrote an accurate review
on my sony, it was the one, that was involve in the
shootout.Merry Christhmas.
Hi, I recently purchased a Sony CE775 that was fully modded by SACDMods with the XO3 clock, Blackgates, upgraded transformer, Cardas, etc. (How he can do that mod for $350 including labor I have no idea) Before I bought the SACDMod unit I had a Philips 963SA that had the power supply modded with Blackgates and a Sony 500v that was stock. The SACDMods unit takes everything to another level. Blacker background, bigger soundstage, deeper bass, sweeter tweeter,and so on. Highly recommended. Make sure you are using a good power cord and have the unit properly isolated from vibration to get the most out of it (this is true for any player).
Ditto Sbayne's experience. Matt Anker did the 2 channel only mods to my NS500V. It makes a very decent showing of itself for both Redbook and SACD. My system is vinyl oriented so SOTA digital playback is not a big listening priority for me. That being said, I don't find the NS500 lacking at all when I listen to it.

How SACDMods is able to squeeze so much out of these inexpensive machines is a wonder to me. Highly recommended.