Sony 222ES SACDmods?

I'm think about having my Sony 222ES sacd changer modded by Has anyone had this done and how was the sound improved? I am currently using the 222 as a cd transport with a Monarchy 48/96 upsampling jitter filter and Musical Fidelity 24K DAC,X10D tube buffer. After the mods should the player still be used as a transport or as a stand alone player? Would I be better off modding my sony 222 or looking for a used Sony 999es with Modwright upgrades?
I had this done two years ago as a 2 channel only mod. My opinion, it's a great bargain. Everything handled in a timely and professional manner, including good written instructions.I especially like the convenience of a changer. The unit works flawlessly. The SACD sound is excellent. Great imaging. My small room nearfield system; Bel Canto EvO gen 11 integrated amp, Harbeth 30 monitors, AZ hologram cables, AZ Ref Matrix 11 IC. You needn't hesitate.Great quality for relatively small outlay.