comments re mods on denon 2910

HI---i'm finally entering the world of HDTV. my $50 DVD player leaves a lot to be desired. buying denon 2910 based upon research and demo's. they only place doing mods on this unit is there is not much info on this outfit.

modwright and mr kern are too busy to adapt new mods for this unit. underwoodwally and chris johnson are selling tubed output stages which really is not what i'm looking for right now.

i need to have upscaling to 720 with digital video out, VERY GOOD SACD, RED BOOK CD AND DVD VIDEO and buy the unit and the mods for less than $1200., if possible--we all know about bugets. can buy new 2910 from local merchant for $550. the competition is the sony 3100es and the marantz 6600.[i know about the black level problems and the firmware updates on the denon--a pain, but an easy fix]

in a perfect world i would retire my sony sacd 777es or mod it firstand keep on using it-- it would require quite a bit of updating and modification--$1800+ if i keep the 777, i can't justify spending $1200+ on a video source. maybe new technology and universal player is the way to go--that's why i'm moving foward--ot at least i hope so?

PLEASE share your experience with simular issues: i want and need good video and very good+ audio within the contect of my buget and the reality that i can't have three players and dac's floating around in the living room. i've aleady had nights on the couch about the needs for power filtering and the seperate power supply for my pass phono pre-premp. i also prefer not to live in a warehouse.[that's another story]

will use with two channel and i'm open to playing with 5.1, but i have a hard time not giggling. pass amplification, sony sacd 777es, vip sout, various cart's depending on my mood, silverline laFolgia speakers[amazing]. i'm in a large bright room and music runs the full gamit from chamber music to heavy metal

miami, florida
I don't have experience with the SACD mods, but I have a 2910 and thought of modding it for better audio, but I listened to a modded 3910 and it still didn't impress me, (think this was a HRAM mod). I ended up getting a Bel Canto PL-2 which seems to do the trick. Only thing I can really complain about is the Pioneer transport has a poor user interface, but has great picture, right up there with the Denon via HDMI, and excellent audio. Not quite reference for redbook, but close, and awesome for all the other formats. I figure I will keep this for a while until someone comes out with a high end "universal" for Blu Ray and HDDVD, and hopefully more high rez audio.
I have used and am pleased with their work. I had a Sony DVP-NC555ES modded, and ended up a satisfied customer. even my brother, who higher end stuff than me (not true high end like Levinson, and ATC. but More in the line of Roksan and B&W) thjought it was an excellent source.

Matthew Anker (the owner) is a great guy, and has been in business for a few years now. He is not as well know as Dan Wright or the other huge names, but I feel he does great work and will tell you what is what point blank, no bull.