Anyone heard a SACDmods modded Sony DVP-NC555ES??

I have one on the way, but just wanted some opinions while I wait, if there are any.


even comments on the unmodded version would be very greatful

I haven't heard that player personally. I had a Sony SCD-C222ES modified by SACDmods. A decent player was turned into a fabulous player. It sounds as good as the high-end Sony's. I've also heard the Marantz SA14 and the Krell SACD Standard, and can't say that they are noticably better. Not bad for a total outlay of less than $800.

The only drawback is that redbook isn't that good. I play my redbook cd's on a Theta player.

Good Luck

I have 2 Sony DVPN NC555es machines. I think it is the nicest "changer" out there. I had one machine modified and Matt Anker at SACDMODS gave me a good education on using the 5.1 audio outs. Definitely not as boomy upon return. I was ok with it for 2 weeks. Then when I went to listen to my second system with my unmodded NC555es I couldn't stand it. So colored, boomy yuck. I ended up sending that one right away to Matt as well. I recently heard a $5000 new Esoteric single disc player and I think my modded NC555es is just as good and more versatile as a changer.