S.S. Replacement for Jolida 302B w/ Silverlines?

I'm looking for a S.S. replacement for my Jolida 302B
powering Silverline 17.5 monitors. Source is Jolida cd player. Wire is Audioart. Listening preferences: mostly
acoustic Jazz from 50's through present and various types of acoustic folk/Newgrass/Celtic etc. with occasional forays into Classic Rock and electric blues. Just getting lazy, I guess-- don't want to deal with biasing an amp and replacing tubes. Budget for amp + pre-amp or S.S. integrated = $ 1500 - 2000. American-made would be nice, too. Thanks!
Depending on your appetite for second-hand (quite old) equipment, i would go for Forte 4 amp...Class A, sweet, very powerful and well within your budget as an amp. Will drive Silverlines well which i recall are reasonably efficient. There is a Forte 6 amp,not quite as refined as the smaller Forte 4, but good.

audible illusions 3 preamp? tubed but much less maintenance than tubed amp...exceptional value for money and 2 here for sale at $1000.
Thanks, Lloydelee21 for the suggestion. My "appetite" is not that keen. I've had some gear headaches in the past and as I'm not an engineer or tinkerer-type, dependablilty is high on my list of priorities. I don't care how good something sounds "when it's working" if it's often "not working". The Forte may be built like a tank, for all I know, but at this point, at least, I'm not inclined to consider anything "quite old". The hybrid Vincent SV 236MKII has been recommended as has the 50 watt Jolida 1701RC Hybrid. Any comments on these or similar would be appreciated.
I've heard a Vincent 236 integrated and I like it...it's good...and the tubes last a very long time. Also, the thing is a lot larger in person than the pics indicate, so you can get your largeness gear thing going on.
How much is a used LFD integrated. they get a lot of praise. You may want to look into it.
BTW whats the problem with the tubes. There is a pair of Consonance Cyber 800s for sale here which are simply incredible amps for $1,800 a steal - no affiliation but you will be amazed.
How about Canadian made? The Simaudio integrateds are beautifully built, dead-solid reliable and sound great with every kind of music I've ever listened to.

It should be easy to find and I-5 or I-3 in your price range.
Lloydelee21, if I ever wanted to return to SS (not gonna happen) the Forte4 and Audible Illusions 3 (owned both together years ago) was sweet and a synergistic match with my Vandy 2ce's and Sound Dynamic 300ti. Nice recommend, brings back some fond memories.
my own doing would be a vintage pioneer amp or sx receiver. i have a marantz 1070 integrated amp that sounds real nice, and a pioneer sx 880 that sounds great. have klipsch speakers, good cables and interconnects. onkyo c7030 cd player. suits me fine. i do not need levi jeans when faded glory jeans do me fine at $10 pair. we used to laugh about japanese made gear, now we brag about if something was made in japan. some of these china made amps will prove out in the long run. jolida will become a respected name. the amps exceed their price in performance quaility and build quality. take care.