Room corrections

Hello all, I have a pair of Dunlavy SC V's, powered by a single Krell FPB 700cx with a Krell KCT and KPS 28c.My room is 13 1/2 feet by 33 feet long with and 8 ft ceiling.The Dunlavy's are almost back to the rear wall and are approximately 18 inches from each side wall and approx 90 inches apart.These speakers do not produce enough bass in my opinion and am limited to speaker position.Any reccomendations on room correction devices..Thanks to all
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Why not repositioning and room treatment first?

you could try positioning the speakers on the long wall out from the back wall 3' with you sitting 8'away...or just bring them out from the wall..just curious you have a rather long listening room why so close to the wall?
I have a similar room to yours and possibly even worse in that I have a high vaulted ceiling and large openings to the upstairs and downstairs hallways.

What worked great for me was buying a Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp with RoomPerfect room correction. It is a high-end stereo unit with 4 analog inputs and 5 digital inputs.

In my room the bass had a broad peak of about 6dB at 125Hz and a roll off of deep bass below 45Hz even though the speakers are rated -3dB at 22Hz. I also had some high frequency reflections that were blurring the sound a bit and making the treble peaky.

I've got one Room Tune in one corner behind one speaker but that's it for acoustic treatments outside of a few sofas.

The DPA-1 turned this room into one of the best acoustic venues I've ever heard and took my system from being "pretty good" to being extraordinary. It fixed the bass rise and brought out more deep bass and then totally fixed all my high-frequency problems.

The sound of the Lyngdorf is smooth, grainless, fast, ultra-detailed and musically sweet & natural. I couldn't be happier. Best of all, I have many voicing options that allow me to subtly tailor the sound of a given recording for its best performance (at the push of a button while listening). To me, the Lyngdorf is an audiophiles dream.

Initially I was worried that I would still want to use a tube preamp in line with the Lyngdorf to "sweeten it up" a bit. But I found this totally unnecessary and simply run my transport into one of the Lyngdorf's digital inputs. And even my turntable sounds terrific, so it's a win-win.

I mean, you can play around with copious expensive room treatments from now until forever but I don't think you will get the kind of excellent results the Lyngdorf provides. And I don't think any passive room treatment will do anything to boost your low bass. Plus, the DPA-1 has a built-in electronic crossover, so you could even add subwoofers in the corners with full room correction and time alignment if you want to really rock your house.

This is the 21st Century, why not step into it.
My listening position is 11 feet from dead center of the Dunlavys,behind me is a pool table,moving speakers to the long wall won't work.I'll look into the Lyngdorf!!!
You do not have to pull Dunlavys 3' into the room. You should start out 8" from the wall and make small adjustments. I am glad you gave measurements because 90" (7.5 ft) is too close together for Dunlavys or any other large speaker because the large speaker cabinet actually becomes a large reflective surface. If it is possible you should consider trying the long wall and you can spread the speakers as far apart as you want. Toe the speakers in until you only see a sliver of the inside of the cabinet and treat the wall behind your head.
without having to re-wire my room...etc.what suggestion would you reccomend for a speaker within my current "footprint"
I mainly listen to classic/prog rock and and ENJOY heart pounding bass, taking into consideration selling the Dunlavy's at market value and not having to invest a ton more it their replacement.

Thanks all!
Oh.....but I must have the separation and clarity and imaging of the Dunlavys..
With the Lyngdorf your imaging is sure to improve -- even if it's really good now. The soundstaging in my room is holographic and precise. Once the room correction addresses the room reflections no matter how good the imaging was, it gets even better.
Try adding a REL subwoofer to your system.
perhaps the cheapest fix...I'll add a sub and pull the SC V's out from the wall.thanks for the insight.
Dunlavy's are designed to work best with long wall placement I believe ... unfortunate you cannot reconfigure your room to allow this. I cannot imagine the SCV being "bass shy"

I also have a Lyngdorf unit for room correction (the TDAi2200) which works very well. If you are near NE PA I could perhaps bring it over for you to try out

I'd like to keep the rest of my Krell gear, I'd sure like to try a RP1 or a TDA and not have to sell my KCT for the DPA1,unfortunately, I live near Toronto
Run your Dunlavys full range and add a REL or two. I was amazed at how easy REL subwoofers integrate into the system. This makes the most sense considering the type of music you listen to. I don't blame you for wanting to keep your system all Krell.
Thank Rrog....sounds like a plan :)