TACT digital corrections preamps?

I need to hear a feedback from owners of this product(s). Pros, cons...
Is there anyone who returned this product after auditioning?
Is there anyone who desided to go different way?
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I have one, but it is currently not in the system. I have been unable to get great results with it, but I admit that I may not have put enough effort in. I'm also not convinced that it is entirely transparent in the system, even in Bypass mode, which in my mind makes it a tough choice for a purist. However, I hasten to add that many people would disagree with me vehemently. Certainly I will give it anough try or two at some point.
I've been using an RCS 2.0 for over a year, and it has
made the greatest improvement in the sound of my system
of any component. I'm using mostly Mark Levinson equipment
and Magnepan 1.6QR speakers. The TacT provides better
imaging and soundstaging, greater dynamics, better
bass impact and definition and a more liquid presentation.
Just took delivery earlier this week. It was pretty easy to setup and get running. My immediate reaction is that it works as advertised, however, it appears that it will take a fair amount of work to optimize it in my system. Tact is definitely not a plug in and play product.
Thanks for the input! I'll definitely audition this preamp and decide.
The decision I need to take stays between Kora Eclipse and Tact RS2.2.
My ears will decide.
This preamp replaced the famed Aloia 11.01. The room correction (frequency response and time) need in some room/speaker combinations makes this a no brainer. I had 2 11dB dips and 1 10dB spike from 2KHz to 20hz. This is the region that requires the most correction. You wouldn't believe how different the presentation is with application of one curve vs another. I agree with Jvogt in his description of the performance - much better balanced bass, improved imaging, depth/width of soundstage. Mike
Checking in with folks--onhwy61 and marakanetz, how's it going with the TacT?
I have the Tact 2.0 and overall I am very pleased with its performance. All the above positive comments are true. I only have two real issues with the product. First, the software is Windows based (I'm a Mac maniac) and not very intuitive. It's very powerful, but you wouldn't really know it from going through the owner's manual. Second, it's very hard to make comparisons using the bypass mode. As part of the room correction process the Tact changes the overall volume so when you hit bypass you really can't make a fair comparison.

If you have say, $10-15k invested in your equipment, then there are probably more effective ways to upgrade your system, but if you're up in the $30k plus range, then I would strongly recommend it, even if you don't think you need room correction. The positive influence on sounstage and imaging is that great.
Are you using for analog also? (I notice your system has plenty of analog front end.)

After months out of the system, I put it back in last weekend in my new house. In spite of obvious improvements, I continue to feel that I am losing some of the nuance and refinement of my system--that the TacT is adding an edge and slight hardness overall. I can hear more, and it sounds more tonally correct, but somehow the breath of life is dimished. Think I'm doing something wrong?
Despite my very high level of respect for TacT's room correction I guess I'm not convinced this is the right preamp for my tastes/system. Personally if I were going to use the TacT I'd probably use it only for room correction and continue to use my current DAC and preamp. This way I can keep the synergy and basic character I've built with my system while just adding room correction. I might also consider adding an jitter reduction device after the TacT as well since my DAC does not do this internally. Of course you need a DAC for this option, and you'd be out of luck with the new formats until a digital interface is introduced, but it is another way to go. Best of luck.
My experience matches Drubin's comments re the Tact. When I posted my experiences comparing Tact and Sigtech about 18 months ago, most other posters disagreed with my criticisms of the Tact so take your pick. I returned the Tact and kept my SigTech which I am convinced is transparent in bypass mode.