room analysis software


I was wondering if anyone out there had a recommendation for audio analysis software compatible with mac. I have been experimenting with diy room treatments and thought it could be fun to see what effect these items really have when analyzed. I looked online but I was wanting some input from someone who had experience playing around with such software.


There is a free program called REW on the Home Theater Shack website. All you need to do is be a member and you can download the program. There is plenty of help and useful links to help get you started as there is a learning curve to use the program. I use my Mac, radio shack spl meter and a couple cables for the program.

I've also been playing with room treatment and using the program to help see where the problems are.

Here's a link:
I'll second that. REW works very well on a Mac.
You need to be patient when setting up Rew tho.
These are the low/reasonably priced options, imho:
RoomEQ Wizard (must add mic and preamp)
R&D (must add mic and preamp)
XTZ (complete hardware/software package)
Omnimic(complete hardware/software package)

Try the RTA Lite app for your iPhone.
RTA Lite is cute, handy and completely ineadequate for this.

Erndog, what are you using as a reference for your frequency curve? Flat? Home curve? Also, what are you using for treatments? Owens 703/705 or something else? Thanks.
My goal is to have a flat curve and I'm using a JL Audio Fathom F110 for the lower frequencies. For room treatment I'm using GIK tri trips for the corners and a set of 244's panels for the first reflections. Just using those has made a considerable improvement. I posted a picture of my SPL graph using the REW program here:
Thanks Erndog. I can't wait to try this myself. Sounds like you're focusing mostly on the low frequencies. I have a room with no corners, a cathedral ceiling and lots of refelective surfaces. My problem is echo and overloaded high frequencies. It's been this way since we changed from traditional to contemporary decor. Was GIK a good group to work with or did you select products on your own?
Erndog, I saw the REW. I think I will try this first.

I have a fair amount of denim acoustic insulation I am making 2 foot by 4 foot, 5 inch deep panels with to start. Lots of hard surfaces in my room. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this prooduct?

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I've never tried the denim acoustic insulation.

I chose to use GIK products for room treatment for 3 reasons:

1- Their prices are great especially for bass traps
2- They have the best customer service. You can send them photos or drawings of your room and they will advise you on the right products and placement. Bryan Pape went out of his way to help me get started.
3- I can here a significant improvement each time I add more room treatment.
Thanks for the info Erndog.