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Yamaha A-S2000 and REL-R305
I'm not sure why you're confused because REL recommends this type of connection. Is there something unique about your system that would prohibit this? If you have the Neutrik Speakon cable, then the hookup should be straightforward: on the bare wi... 
Live in your Detroit recordings...
This is not in the same genre as J. Geils, Nugent and Seger, but Jean-Luc Ponty has an album "Live at Chene Park (1996)" with good audience effects. 
Center channel - Need help
I think a used Gallo AV Reference Center ($600-$800) would be a great match both in terms of sound and style. Or, a Gallo Strada (less LF coverage but extremely clear, open and dynamic). 
HP Pavilion dv6700 and Cambridge Audio 840c
Michael, I think you're right! Now you have 3 options! If memory serves me right, HP output SPIDF via a headphone jack on a couple of their entertainment laptops a few years back. If your soundcard/properties gives this option, then it must be so.... 
HP Pavilion dv6700 and Cambridge Audio 840c
I almost forgot another obvious option (I was thinking strictly in terms of HP options via your sound card), you can use a USB to SPDIF converter like the Musical Fidelity V-Link or the M2TECH hiFace. Sorry about this lapse in mental facilities. 
HP Pavilion dv6700 and Cambridge Audio 840c
Maybe I should have added how the connections are made: The QuickDock will connect to your expansion port 3 and then you'll connect a digital coaxial cable from the SPIDF output on the QuickDock to the digital input on your 840C (nice player by th... 
HP Pavilion dv6700 and Cambridge Audio 840c
Michaelg7, If you have an expansion port 3 on your laptop (which I think you do), here's what you'll need: HP QuickDock 2.0. It's not the most streamlined solution, but it works and it's your only option. HP is no longer using the expansion port ... 
Repair of a Sheng ya sp-991
Luked, I agree; that's very disappointing. I'm quite surprised no one at Grant Fidelity could/would help you. Where did you purchase it? The only other ideas I can come up with are to check with Joe at Pacific Valve who used to be a Sheng Ya deale... 
Repair of a Sheng ya sp-991
My suggestion is to contact Ian or Rachel at Grant Fidelity. They are a Sheng Ya dealer and I believe they sold this particular amp in the past. 
Looking for a balanced upsampling DAC under 1k
I assume there was some sort of technical glitch with your original thread so here is a “working” link to the extensive discussion of the Yulong D-18. To reiterate, it uses the 32-bit Sabre ES9018 chip, is fully balanced, has a slightly warm sound... 
Looking for a Balanced XLR output DAC under $1k
I’ve been looking for the same type of sound in a >Yulong D-18 thread at head-fi.org 
Where is the attractive audio furniture?
BDI has a mid-century line called “ERAS”. Also available are matching coffee, end and console tables. BDI make very stylish (IMO) and well built furniture that incorporates some nice AV features. You can find them by clicking the link below:BDI 
room analysis software
Thanks for the info Erndog. 
''Don't Explain''
I think this is Beth's best work yet. Ozzy -- if you don't like Beth Hart's voice try Lizz Wright who contrastingly sings in an ultra smooth, rich, melancholic style. You can look at Beth as “Solid State” and Lizz as “Lush Tubes.” Youtube links be... 
room analysis software
Thanks Erndog. I can't wait to try this myself. Sounds like you're focusing mostly on the low frequencies. I have a room with no corners, a cathedral ceiling and lots of refelective surfaces. My problem is echo and overloaded high frequencies. It'...