Rookie Pre Amp Question

I know this is a newbee type question, but I am hoping one of you will take the time to answer it (please use simple language!).

I am running an H/K AVR 335 as my receiver in my 7.1 system. I am running Athena AS-F1 towers as mains, AS-C1 as centre, AS-B2's as surrounds, and S.5's (small bookshelf) as rear surrounds.

I have an AVR 230 that I am not using. My question is this. Is is possible to use the AVR 230 as a pre amp, and is it a good idea?

If used as a pre amp, does the power from both receivers get sent to the speakers (double the power?)? Or is it only possible to use one power source at a time? If the power doesn't stack or double (terminology??), then this is just a dumb idea and I will leave my system as is. I am trying to get more power on the cheap. If the power does double, would it be advisable to use the AVR 230 as a pre amp to the mains, centre, and surrounds or just to the mains or to the front three?

If anyone can advise me on how to hook this (if advisable/feasible)up I would appreciate it. As well, any opinions/advice on any of this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

In general, if you were to use the preamp out of receiver #1 to the main input connections (or some similar nomenclature) of receiver #2 ... all that you would be doing, would be substituting one unit's preamp section for another. Receiver #1 would only be a preamp at this point, as you would be bypassing its power amp section.

What's interesting though is your need for power. The Athenas are fairly efficient speakers (91db) and Harman Kardon amplifiers have historically been based on a high current design and they are also pretty upfront about their power measurements ... so unless your room is very large or your loudness preferences are extremely high, I would think that you should have sufficient power.

The one thing that I see missing from your set-up is a sub-woofer. Since the bass eats up the most juice, a powered (as opposed to passive) and powerful (150 watts) sub-woofer may be your answer. As for bi-amping, I am not sure if I would even explore attempting to bi-amp your front speakers ... though I guess it is possible. Some other a'goner would need to run you through how you would do this in a HT environment.

Regards, Rich
At 70 watts for the fronts and 55 watts for center and rears, not very powerful.

I agree with Rich...or, buy a new receiver with more power if the HK is comming up short.

Derek, just a question for clarity: did you intend to connect some of your speakers directly to the AVR 230 and some of your *other* speakers directly to your AVR 335?

If so, then each set of speakers will be separately driven by each receiver and you will *possibly* give more power to your speakers due to the increased power supply capacity each receiver then will have available to drive the fewer number of speakers hooked to it. (Note: this possibility is very equipment specific and depends on how the power supply and internal amplifiers are configured to support all of the channels. One of the big issues in any amplification equipment is the capacity and robustness of the power supply. This can be far more critical to the real world performance of the amplifier/receiver than the wattage rating.)

The challenge in this approach is that you would now have two separate control centers (volume controls, etc) to manage to keep the audio signal synced among all of your speakers. Still, it could be an interesting experiment with no real cost other than some time.

If you simply cascade the signal from the AVR 230 into the AVR 335, then, as Rich says, you're simply substituting one internal linestage for the other, not gaining any additional power.

He would need pro-outs/amp-in option on at least one of the receivers...pre-out on the other at the least. I gave this some thought (very little though) because these options are not likely at these receivers price points, and...very complicated for a newbee.

One of the pre-amp sections would need to be taken out of the loop.

I thank you all very much for your quick responses and help. I don't need more power, I was just being greedy and trying to learn a little. I am running an HSU STF-2 sub, I forgot to add that to my first post. The system is actually more than adequate for my needs/wants. I am realy enjoying this sight and I appreciate that you people took the time out of your day to help a noob.