Rolling Stones remasters

Noticed yesterday that there are several titles that are remastered by "the guru", Joe Gastwirt. Anybody heard these?
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Kira, anything would have to be better than ABCO remasters. I just bought Tom Petty 2 CD anthology remasterd by Joe Gastwirt, and he did good job especially on early material ie "american girl","breakdown","listen to her heart" etc. these are noticeably better than the previous "greatest hits" CD, so I would like to hear a sample of Rolling Stones by Joe.......
Megasam: Amazing coincidence! It was yesterday when I was buying the Tom Petty Anthology that I noticed the R.S. remasters. I listened to disc one of TP last night and it sounds superb.
Kira, it so dissappointing that the Stones 60s material was remastered so badly by ABKCO, like "hot rocks" 2 CD collection. I realize that the master tapes limit what can be done, but the Beatles material from the same period remastered by Abbey Road studios is much better sounding. Which Stones albums did you see were newly remastered, I would like to buy "hot rocks" done by Joe Gastwirt, Sam
Kira, I have the following Stones remasters - Exile on Main St., Sticky Fingers, and Goats Head Soup. They are all supremely better. These are remastered by Bob Ludwig using the Apogee UV22 blah, blah, blah. They are a big improvement, especially Exile and Goats Head Soup.
Are these remasters available at record stores, or through specialty mail order? The Stones CD's that I have are about 30 - 40% lower in volume than other cd's. They are also tinny sounding.
Pops, in the blah, blah blah you referred to, is there any mention of an MP33 (or something like that) system or process used in the remastering?
Pops is correct, in 1999 Virgin released some limited edition "album replica" Cds in cardboard sleeves to simulate the albums, and these were remastered in 1999 by Bob Ludwig. Unfortunately if you try to buy now they are very hard to find, sold out. BMPnyc the reason your CDs sound tinny is because these are the old ABKCO remasters
I have a question concerning the CD's packaged in the album like sleeves. Are they different from the CD's in the jewel cases that are also labeled remasters?
7P62, yes there is a big difference, the older Stones albums from the 60s and 70s were remastered by ABKCO in 1987 and are dissapointing sound quality. The limited edition cardboard album sleeves are new 1999 remasters by Virgin, Bob Ludwig. Big improvement in sound quality, but they are out of print so if you see one grab it. I went to my local Best Buy last night and they had 1 "sticky fingers" left, all other album/CDs were gone. I do have 1999 "some girls" sounds very nice! I also noticed an import greatest hits album called "jump back 1971-93" which has new 1999 remaster it is single CD with about 18 tracks, but cost $23, ouch! I may still buy it and bring a jar of vaseline with me when I check out......Sam and still have Sticky Fingers and Some Girls available in the limited edition versions!
Thanks Megasam and Lphunter2. The people at Hi Fi Buys didn't have a clue on this. I will make every effort to get the cardboard editions. Thanks again.
Find yourself clean original mono pressings of early stones stuff...its the way to go!
Haven't heard any of the Stones remasters yet. I am not sure how much benefit we can get from remastered Stones music. Don't get me wrong, "It's only rock and roll, but I like it". I don't really consider Joe Gastwirt a remastering "guru". I prefer the work of Doug Sax, Bernie Grundman and Stan Ricker. Just my 2 cents worth.
One more clarifacation, all Stones albums proir to 1971 are still on the ABKCO label and do not have any 1999 album replica CD remasters. From 1971 to present label is Virgin CDs and these are the ones that had 1999 limited edition album replica remasters.....that leaves a lot of Stones stuff that still needs help.
Gents, Picked up Exile on Main Street with the cardboard packaging. While I was at Best Buys I also checked the jewel case version. It is also a remastered Virgin copy (Bob Ludwig 1994 same as cardboard packaged version). In this case the only difference is the packaging. Still a good idea to get the cardboard packaging. The album like liner is way cool.
I found the literature I was looking for, and my previous post made reference to the wrong letter/number combination. On any of the recent remasters is there an "SA3" process reference?
I checked and could not find a 'SA3' on 'Exile on Main'. The date stamp for the remastering is 1994.
found Exile on main street and Goats head soup. Both in jewel cases and mastered by Ludwig. Does any one know of other "rock" music he has mastered? he seems to be the one who gets it right.
No money - you are correct. The remastering was done by Bob Ludwig, not Joe Gastwirt. There are 11 titles that have been remastered by Ludwig, all in jewel cases. I listened to "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" last night and was knocked out by the sound quality. Highly recommended!