Rolling stones 100 greatest 100 albums?

Just took a look at Rolling Stones 100 greatest list and counted how many I have of them and it was 63 out of 100 and 232 out of their 500 greatest, thought that was a lot and surprised me. How many do you have of the 100 greatest?
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@tuberist, actually they have recorded 30 studio albums, 26 live albums, 25 compilation albums and 120 singles. Hope this helps. Enjoy the music
I don't pretend to know much about their past choices, but I lost any remaining respect for them years ago when I saw that they had proclaimed The Clash's London Calling as the best record of I'm not sure how many years...but it was a lot. That record simply isn't that good. I have a copy, but there are some duds here and there.   
If we ever get everyone to agree on the preeminent greatness of any one album title, we will know that the Singularity is here. ASI will consider all of us to be equivalent to insects... maybe no more gender and race conflicts!