Anyone get one of these lately(uhum) And what do you think? Yea,you know I mean you,(C___)
Had to go buy a Craftsman screw driver just to get the tiny screws off the cover. I'll let you know.
Yea Carl,they are little buggers.Don't lose one! Have you had contact with Mark O'brien yet? Remember you have to be patient with tubes.30 hours minimum and up to 200 hours for full burn in.Im sure you already knew that,Im just trying to be helpful.Mario offered me the Sonic Frontiers ST-40 for $1200.00 he said its in mint minus condition.Sure is tempting!! Would you have bought the ST-40 over the 88 if you had found one?
Gee David, that's not a deal. That's what they are brand new from Parts Connection. I would have bought a used one if I'd found one for under $550, and a used one with full upgrades for under $700. So far, the Rogue is amazing in the midrange, but somewhat lackluster in the very bottom and top octaves. I wasn't expecting that at all.....duhhh....just kidding! I guess I have quite a while before it's even burned in, but...The thing runs hotter than I thought it would, and smells like a new toaster oven. I'm gonna have to run it outdoors, to keep my airconditioning bill under $2000 this month!! And this was NOT in triode, and only fractions of a watt output (everyone was asleep at the time). I still can't believe the midrange, though. It wasn't just more "musical", it was just more resolution, with images extremely distinct and more dyanmically vital, more real, and with zero "electronic character". I've heard other tube amps in other systems, but this one beats all of them easily, in my system/room anyway. And this is with like 3 hours burn in. I could kick myself for not trying a tube amp like this one with the little Maggies before now, especially since I've had them for 4 years! The midrange is EXACTLY what they've been needing all this time. More later...
Yea,tubes have a midrange purity thats hard to beat.I love the airy soundstaging tubes give also.You know you wont gwt the bass slam you get with your Krell 250 regardless of what tube amp one gets.BUT..I feel the bass from tubes is more organic and real life sounding than solid state.IMHO But you know how BIASED I am !! Also the H.F.'s are a bit rolled off with tubes also,BUT again I feel that adds to the warmth and realism of the music.Am I biased or what??? Anyway,I am glad your off to a positive start.If you contact Mark,tell him Dave(tube rush) said hello.He is a great guy,ask him for a T-shirt!!!
I love the 88 this amp has been so good.its the best tube amp i have heard under 5000.00
I won't go that far, but it is surely the best buy for an amp of "adequate" power ouput. I'm trying many different cables with mine. What do you like with yours, Tm12?
Hey Carl, what is your estimate on the power output from the Rogue to your MMG's? Does it have the juice to really satisfy them? I have been considering tube power to smooth mine out but have power concerns. I was considering some of the higher powered Jolida amps( I am on a budget )but would love to listen to the Rogue.
The Rogue is an amazing amp for $1500. My vote for the best at that price. Jolida has the advantage of being integrated, but it is a different sound. Jolida is more classic tube. Rogue fits in more with the young lions of tube. It bolsters the assertion that tube and SS has been converging in sound. Rogue will drive tougher speakers, as its transformers are a significant step up from Jolida. As they say, transformers are the most important parts of a tube amp. Rogue beats Golden Tube(not sure if they actually bit the dust), but I find Quicksilver to be slightly superior(more $$$ though). To many, a good tube amp will beat a $5K SS. It all depends on whether you're a tube guy or not(I am). But Rogue doesn't compete with most $5K tube amps At that price point, they're the real deal. If you compare Rogue to VAC, Cary, Jadis, etc., it's like comparing Parasound to Mark Levinson(for a SS analogy). There IS a difference. Rogue M-120's would get the nod if you NEED the power. Again, Rogue is amazing for $1500!
Chris at Audio Gallery in Sacramento, $995 for BRAND NEW Model 88's. Jump on em, you won't be sorry! Yes, it has barely enough power (enough just the same), and since I still have my Krell, I have the best of both (that I can afford, anyway) to chose between. I didn't need to spend as much time as before, being tempted to listen to rock music at earsplitting levels anyway....Now, if I could find the right interconnects, I'd be done...
The 88 is very very good.I am serious it is one of the best under 5k amps out there.The Rogue 120 are nicer if you need a littl more power.I tried a coincident Speaker Technology CST 1 interconnect.It was superb.299.00 and it sounds better than any pther cable I have tried.
Go and read the recommended setion and follow the link to Coincident.If there is no dealer in your area you can buy direct from the Factory.This is the best interconnect I have heard.I have tried high end 400+ MIT Nordost,Jps,Audioquest,IXOS.To many to list.I am sure of one thing know.My interconnects dont need upgrading.Time to spend working on the Tubes in my 120.I am putting KT-90 in and am looking for sugestions to replace the 2 12AX7 and 4 12AU7.
David i am a bit slow i dont understand what you mean with your question on the 88.Help a slow guy.
Tmi2..My question was kind of a joke directed to another member who just bought the 88.Sorry,it is confusing.I agree!! All the Rogue products are incredible!! Mark O'Brian is a true craftsman.He will make his company BIG.He has or is working on factory upgrades for all his products all ready.Has a new integrated coming soon also,"THE TEMPEST" My 99 preamp with phono is a giant killer!!! I love it!! I want the M-120's when I can swing them.
I had the 88 for about 6 months and just recently got the 120.They are incredible.I sent my preamp back the 66 on Friday.Mark is going to do upgrade to it.I want a 999 but will be about a year before i can swing it.Mark is great.
Carl, have you thought about biamping your system with the Krell on the bass and the Rogues on the top end using an active crossover? I'm thinking about doing the same with my Dynaco and Perreaux.
None of my speakers have bi-wire connection, and it's not something that interests me too much for my speaker projects. I believe in passive crossover networks, at least the ones that aren't built to a price point. I'm with most of the big time reviewers on this. Active crossovers have their advantages, but they are another active circuit at line level. It's still a filter, being at line level doesn't inherently make it more transparent overall...just saves a few watts (of speaker level power) over the passive ones. It seems to me that those who are so concerned about crossover networks should just listen to fullrange esl's or Lowthers, or some other speaker or headphone that doesn't use filter networks......................I could be wrong on this, but why is it that every time I read a review where they've put a tube amp on the high range, and an ss on the low range, that they prefer it all on the same amp instead? They usually say the difference in character is obvious.........Anyway, I didn't get the Rogue to have that option, I got it so I could either use it, or the Krell. I like having both, and enjoy both...........In TAS, Robert Harley had the little Krell I have when he did the Avalon Opus review, and he hinted that it was very good, considering it only costed ONE TENTH what his Reference 600's cost. I've always thought he was the wisest one in the bunch....
How do the Rogue amps do on bass? I like quick, controlled, articulate, and accurate with excellent pace, rhythm and timing. I listen to a lot of R&B. Thanks, Craig.