RIP Meat Loaf

Marvin Lee Aday ... aka ... Meat Loaf passed Thursday morning.  Rest In Peace big fella!!

He could rock the house!!

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What he croak from?

Young man.

if it was Covid, then he would literally have died from a bat outta hell.
(In N.W.A. Fashion…, “Straight outta Wuhan”).

Nice guy?

Apparently not nice enough to do anything for the greater good. Not to mention his own precious (now worthless) health. At least he didn’t also hurt his team for being dopey like Ahole Rodgers.


I might have been a little less kind, but the last time I commented on that subject, I was called a facist etc. as well as having a couple of posts removed.

@roxy54 “a bit less than kind” might be understating it a touch?



ML wanted to take a public stance on the virus and vaccine. So I guess people can latch onto that.

I usually do not go to a singer or actor for medical advice, but punk rocker types rail against authority in song, so it is unsurprising to rail in his scenario.

I understand how Schadenfreude works, but now that he is dead, it seems like it is really low brow to go on a political bent against him now.

What is the point of it? Vulture signalling or what?

A bit harsh is an under statement... as my mother uses to tell us “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep you mouth shut”.   But that isn’t followed by quite a few around here.  Some think they are above all others.

It doesn’t matter what he died of.  What matters is he died, and that is sad for some.

As for Arron Rogers... see above, or better, go pound sand. 

It doesn’t matter what he died of.  What matters is he died, and that is sad for some.

When someone like John Prine dies of Covid with an already compromised immune system it is tragic.

When a stanch anti-vaxxer dies of Covid, it is harder for those with their identity defined by politics to, “Keep their mouth shut”.
They cannot help themselves, much like a moth is drawn to the flames.

The ball is hanging there like piñata just begging to be hit.

I didn't say anything about him, and I'm not taking the bait. Amuse yourselves elsewhere.

I personally knew one and know 3 more that got covid SARS, the original BA, strain of the disease. June of 2020 one caught it, it killed him 8 weeks later.

My son in law and grandson both are just getting over it. 5-7 days, two day of fever and congestion. The other guy, is my Son-in-laws, mothers bow.  He has had it 3 time. He is a total idiot.  ALL were not vaccinated, two had no choice. My good friend in August of 2020 Manuel Encarnacion (RIP), and my grandson. 

IF MY grandson would have had any issues because of some hardheaded son-in-law, I assure everyone on planet earth, the ANTI vaxers around me will get it in their sleep. They will get vaccinated.

The stuff I've seen in other countries, people just don't understand what disease is. 

SARS is VERY contagious, birds and pigs, BTW and certain reptiles you have to be very careful with and what THEY interact with. YOU can get very sick from them.

I've eaten 1000 pounds of iguanas if I've eaten 1000 pound of chicken. South of the US. You could get either and with clili you ain't gonna know the difference. :-)

The difference is some reptile have different issues when you cook them. LOL if it wasn't cooked at 1000 degrees, I'm eatin' jerky and tortillas.

I'm an raw onion fresh garlic nut. Local olive oil and all shots, pneumonia, shingles, flu, hepatitis, SARS 1,2,3 measles and before during and post malaria. I've been close a couple of times, malaria SUCKS... Garlic and onions, almost stop it..
No Girls, but No malaria. :-) 

I hope people smarten up. SARS will take care of the not so WISE ones. It takes the smartest first, NOT the wisest..


Caring about your fellow earth travellers is political?

In what universe?

Making a stand for the "right" to reject vax IS in my world.

Sorry for Marv he had to pay the price.

I am also sorry that I don't suffer fools like some here.