right-angle plug on power cord

where can I find or order a power cord with a right-angle plug (into the wall socket)?
(my wall socket is in a place where straight plugs get knocked out frequently.)

I'll use the plug for a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (High Current, 20amp) to power my Aragon 8008BB.
One of these may work.There are electricians on here that may give more help.This will give you a start. [http://www.hubbellcatalog.com/wiring/catalogpages/section-i.pdf][http://www.drillspot.com/products/130071/Leviton_8315-CAT_Plug]
Try Voodoo Cable they have adapters
The Marinco plugs are very high quality and extremely easy to add to an existing cable. They make a right-angle plug that should work. http://www.takefiveaudio.com/mall/shopexd.asp?id=252
I use a "ziptie" to tie the cord looped tight to the body of the plug, it makes a nice curl and then hugs the wall. For the cost of a foot long 'ziptie' it is all you would need. The cord conforms to the body of the plug, making an "S" shaped bend. A "C" shape to be parallel to the plug body. The "Ziptie" tightened around the plugbody and the cord, then the cord makes another "C" as it leaves where "Ziptied" to plug, Wire curves, it meets the wall and just runs down the wall right up against the wall. Perfect. (Just snip off the excess end of "Ziptie")
(Of course, if the wire is so thick this is not a possible solution... Works for 12 gauge i use...)
Also, replace the wall socket with a quality (commercial grade) wall socket (NOT an audiophile approved $$$ one) for $3.00 or so. The wall partyou have now may be worn and allow the plug to pull lose vary easily as it is now. Get the 20 amp type that has plug slots for 15 amp, and 20 amp. The clips inside are heavier gauge and are stronger in that type. (even some wall sockets are marked "for household iron use" and are a bit stronger still. When you plug a plug into one of these sorts,, it stays plugged.
I have had a Cardas PC made with a right angle plug from Cardas. I am sure many PC companies would be willing to do that for you. Cash is king!
Thats a good idea to see if they will custom make you a PC with the angle plug.
Or custom make yourself one. Fun and rewarding in my experience! FWIW
I have to agree with Srwooten.DIY is very fun and rewarding.You can drop as little or as much money as you want into a DIY cable.Personally,I tend to prefer the little money route,but hey,that's just me.