Richard Gray's Power Company 400S, two stories.

Several years ago I'd had my whole system plugged into two Richard Gray's Power Company 400S units.  Then my dealer said to run everything straight from the wall.  I tried it and it sounded better.  So I went along like this for a good while, letting the RGPCs pretty much sit idle except for remaining plugged in to "stabilize the circuit" or something like that (just had a lamp running out of one).  Then a few months ago got a SuperWiremold cryo power strip.  I plugged it directly into the wall (Shunyata SR-Z1 outlet, not dedicated circuit but very little else on it) and plugged all component cords into it, and it improved the sound (the RGPCs still sitting idle).  Then more recently for some reason my system wasn't sounding good, congested and just not appealing.  For some reason the thought came to me to try the SuperWiremold plugged into one of my RGPCs.  I tried it and couldn't believe the difference.  It cleaned up the whole presentation, lower noise floor, much better resolution ("heard things I hadn't heard before" on my CDs), better separation of musical components.  I can just hear more of the music much more clearly .  I don't know what to make of the whole thing but I do know I like the improved sound very much.  My only guess is somehow the combination of the SuperWiremold and the RGPC are a good combination.  I put the RGPC on Ayre wood blocks.

much of your experience will depend upon your locale. I live in the deep South, relatively clean power, and use a RGPC 400 Pro since 2005.

RGPC products will not "steal" current from your system. This is just 1 benefit and example.
Jim, with the 400S units, just plug your low-wattage pieces into them--CD, pre-amp, DVD, phono, DAC.  Subs and amps go to wall. The 400 does not pass enough current for amps--need a bigger transformer for those--or the wall.  

Glad Richard Grey worked for you ...they were absolutely awful in my system. Felt lucky to have sold them
Just have to use them right....

Excellent point- jafreeman. These units are not designed for power amps of any size/wattage. Plug all power amps into your wall.
Guys, esp. jafreeman, many thanks for the replies and suggestions.  I will try them, and if significant good effects, will post.
Jim Heckman
Following up on yesterday's post with results of last night's work.  I followed jafreeman's suggestions (thanks again) and plugged the low-wattage pieces into the RGPC, and the amps (main and two subs in the speakers) into the Superwiremold cryo power strip which I figure is nearly the same as straight out of the wall.  Good results--better resolution, depth, transparency and bass.  Exciting and fun to hear.  Next experiment is to put the power strip aside and plug the power pieces straight into the wall.  I have just enough outlets to do that.  (But when I get an Aurender, I'll need to use the power strip again for the outlets.)  Will post if the next change produces even better sound.  I think the ideal power conditioner solution, from what I've heard, is the new Audioquest Niagara 7000, but at $8k it's out of my range.
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Following up again.  I did move the SuperWiremold aside and plugged the three amps into the wall.  Not a lot of difference from having them plugged into the Superwiremold, nothing compared to the preceding exercise of plugging the low wattage pieces into the RGPC and the amps into the SuperWiremold.  May work up the motivation to further compare SuperWiremold to wall, but with seeming not a lot of potential, may not be worth the effort.  If any conclusions worth reporting, will do so.

it would be of note to learn if the Super Wiremold steals current from your  amps. If so, this will explain any difference in your listening sessions.

2nd- where are you located?
When I used the Richard Gray 400 in my system, I found that if I set it on top of a Shakti stone the sound improvement (more organic) was quite noticeable.
Thanks! for sharing- yoby.
jafant, I am in Harrisburg, PA area.  Sorry about the delay in picking back up the discussion.  The SuperWiremold is supposed to maximize straight carry through of power with its entire cryo treatment and no bells and whistles (power light, filter, etc.).  Therefore I'd doubt it's robbing any current from the amps, especially since little or no difference with the amps coming out of the wall or the SuperWiremold.
TY- jimski.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!