revel Sub-15 line signal


I have a pair of Sub-15s connected to a Marchand crossover that sends a hi pass signal to Krell EVO 600 amps for Salon main speakers and a low pass signal to Red Dragon class D 600 WPC amps for the subs.

i am considering a McIntosh C1000 that has 2 sets of balanced outputs.  Would it be possible/advisable to run the full line level signal to the Salons and the Sub-15 subs with no crossover?

I had the LE1 sub amp for a while but like all the other ones in the world it crapped out on me...


You could do it that way, your entire set up would be different though. Your amp and speakers would now be running full range, and you’d have to trim the subwoofer accordingly.

You would reduce your dynamic range, but in homes this rarely matters that much. If your main speakers are ported, consider plugging them.



the Sub15s are passive with now amp/crossover inside them.  They take a speaker level connection only.


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If you are blowing subwoofer amps I will assume you like rocking in which case a full crossover is mandatory if you do not want to overload your Salons. I would never go without a crossover. I also use passive subs with digital bass management and Two QSC amps driving 4 12 inch subs. Each one gets 2000 watts. Digital bass management is a huge step forward. The dbx driverack is a relatively inexpensive way of doing it. But the Anthem STR preamp comes next followed by the Trinnov Amethyst which IMHO is the very best unit available today. I use a Tact 2.2x. Unfortunately Tact went under. It is very similar to the Trinnov. If you ever do room control you will need more power for your subs. The correction process requires power. At any rate forget the passive route. Bad idea. It is the cheap lazy solution. 

I was at UVM from 1974 to 1981 (yep, that is 7 years due in large part to a couple semesters where my BAC was higher than my GPA).

The Revel LE1 I had to power the passive Revel Sub15s didn’t crap out from overdriving it, these units had some design issues that led to a pandemic of failure—you might not even be able to find a functioning one on the market today...

I’m using a pair of Red Dragon class d 500 WPC amps to run the Sub15s (one on either side of the room).  They get their signal from the low pass side of a Marchand crossover...I will prolly stick with this approach—I’d love to replace the Sub15s with a newer active subs, feed them with a balanced line level signal and let the sub do the crossover work, but the Sub 15s are kinda white elephants—bulky an heavy to ship and I don’t have the original boxes for a resale...