Replacing Ortofon MC20 looking for some recommends

Cant belive the variety of cartridges out there. Bewildering.

Had an MC30MkII that the ex gf(now buried in the back) ripped the stylus off when cleaning the TT with a j cloth. That was some 25 yrs ago and I have now got the vinyl out and am using the old MC20 that I bought with my ariston RD80 when I sold gear in the early 80s.

I have a new LP12 60hz motor,spring kit to put in it and am looking at the hercII board and will make a subchasis and do the some other mods to it.

I use a Yamaha A1 interated for the MC phono stage and run the preouts into an Audible illusions L1 that feeds a Belles 350a into some B&70s .

Lisdten to classic rock mostley and like imaging, staging etc ie not a rock monster system.

The mC20 is getting a little old and I do like the sound of it. Although a little laid back these days.

Any suggestion in the 400$ range?


MM carts
Ortofon 2M Bronze $389.
Sumiko Blue point special EVO $400
And a whole pile of Grado's
MC carts
Dynavector 10X5 $430.
Benz Micro MC Silver $375
When I owned an LP12 (and Basic plus arm), I used a Shure V15xMR and thought the match worked well.
Why not a current Shure 97? Low cost ($65), easy to set up, great sound.
Dear Bozzy: The Buconero117 choice is very good especially with the Jico SAS stylus replacement.

Other option could be this one:

Regards and enjoy the music,
Ill look those up.

I tried a MM in my system but the amp does a real humm on the MM inputs but is dead quiet on the MC circuit. I know i should get an outboard but budget etc....

Thanks all.
Hiw do you determine if the cartridge needs the MC pre pre amp? I see some are high output. Am i correct in assume they would use the MM input and equalisation?

Plug the specs of your MM phono stage into the KAB preamp gain calculator . This will tell you how much output it needs from a cartridge. Anything lower and you'll probably need a pre pre or other additional gain.

Yes, most high output MC's are designed for use into MM inputs, but my experience suggests avoiding them. You'll get more performance for your money with an MM/MI, such as the ones Bucenero117 and Raul recommended. The additional coil turns required to boost an MC's output to MM levels undo the basic advantage of the MC design (low mass on the cantilever).
Thanks all. I bought a Benz Micro Gold on the board KISS albums will come alive....NOT.

Purchased the MC Gold a few weeks back. Very happy with it. Put on my MFSL copy of Abraxas and I have to say its never sounded better.

Thanks for the suggestions....
Yeah, but what about KISS?
Denon DL 103R.