I'm building a Home Theatre system. So far, I have B&W CM1's for my L+R+C channels and want to upgrade my SUB.

Seems logical that I stay in the B&W world and even more logical to stay in the CM series so I guess the:


is the logical choice?

With a list price of $1500+ I am very curious to look into what last years predecessor was and it's current price point.

Am I allright to venture into the ASW610 or 608's or keep it in the CM family?

Thanks for the advice again, any recommends would be appreciated.
I think you'll get much better boom for your buck if you venture outside the B&W family entirely. With a sub, you're playing the bottom octaves so there's not much reason to stay with the same brand as your speaker because timbre matching is a non-issue.

You don't mention your price point specifically, but I'd look into subs from HSU, SVS, and Outlaw for home theater. Rythmik and Velodyne might be worthy of a look as well.
Yes you can mix and match brands with subs. I would also skip b&w and look at JL audio.
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Two JL audio E110's would be awesome!!
B&W PV1D, the rounded one
I have three subs in my HT, all different. They also serve different purposes, one LFE, one center and one surround. I'm a fan of multiple subs. I even use two in my two-channel stereo setup. If you go the multiple sub route, you will be VERY surprised by how much LF there is in the center and surround of movies. My speakers are older Tannoy MX series, the subs-Art of Sound, NSM and AAD.
Thanks for the recommends. I will audition some Subs over the weekend if I can.

Any specific recommendations would be great like the JL E110's look awesome. Thanks Mattmiller.

I'm am however, trying to stay under 1K but that might not be possible!
Honesty the entire JL line is very good. Just buy what ever is in your budget. The 12" are a little better than the 10s" for max output. The E-subs are much better than you would expect for the price. They have a good driver design and the entire front of the box is steel.

I believe soundstage! and the absolute sound reviewed them. I run duel E-12" subs in my two channel and I am very happy. The sub was 95% the quality of the fathom line at 1/2 the price. You also get the added active cross-overs built in that MOST subs do not have.

Rel is another good brand but I always favor JL.
Thanks for the recco's. These JL E-Subs are like $1.5K a piece. Anything under $1,000.00 that would suffice?
I wouldn't buy without taking a look at the Rythmik line of subs. There are quite a few models priced under a grand, and others $1k to $1.5k. Very high value design and sound.