Just got this AV receiver and I am noticing that I have to turn the volume up really high like (70-80 on the volume indicator) to get reasonable loudness.

Prior to this I had a 10 year old Yamaha receiver and it cranked at around 33.

Am I doing something wrong? I am running a 5.1 speaker system using all CM1's. I only used 3 CM1's with my Yamaha. The Marantz claims to have 200 watts so there should be plenty of juice there!

Thinking I might want to return this if this is the case! I need more power!
You should be able to raise the gain on each of your inputs
Use the SETTINGS menu...LIMIT adjusts max volume (in dB). Also adjust the surround sound, are you using the online user manual? It's the Marantz SR5010, right?
Sorry about the thread heading. Not sure how that got interchanged. Anyway… yes I am using the online manual. I might not be doing something right cuz some of these settings aren't available to me. Or I am having trouble accessing them.
Suggest you call Marantz. I'm sure this unit has plenty of power.
I have a Marantz SR5009 and operate it at 70-80 all the time. Why do you think the volume control on the Yamaha is comparable?