Replacing broken tweeters from Bose 201 serie IV speakers

Hi! :)
The guy at the local speaker repair store told me the tweeters in my speakers need to be replaced and recommended me that I look online for them. I've looked everywhere for Bose tweeters that are from the same model (201 Serie IV 8 ohms) or at least the same size (2 3/8") and I can't find anything. Were do you guys look online when you need replacement parts such as these? Also, it is ok if I find tweeters that are the right size but from a different company? Are tweeters standard other than the fact that they have different shapes? Thanks!!!
Bose speakers have tweeters?!? Who knew?
Have you tried asking Bose?
Give them a call!
Will do! Thanks!
Next stop after Parts Express would be Bill st Madisound. 
You might want to consider this an upgrade opertunity.  Check out this site for replacement options.  I'm sure they have the right size and impedance for a replacement.  Let us know how it all works out.

Good luck
I called Parts Express and they don't have the right size tweeters...
I guess I'm gonna have to let my speakers go.