Replace amp or speakers ?

Thinking about replacing PS HCA-2 with Rowland 201 monos. Is this a good idea or not ? Should I think about changing speakers instead ? My system is listed, so I'm not typing again.
I would think that Rowland amps are in another league based on rep, but have not heard either.
Change the amp first.
I would vote for the amp, for several reasons. I'm not impressed with that amp. Plus I think you will experience greater improvement in your system by upgrading closer to the source. I checked out your system, and think replacing the PS Audio would give the biggest bang for the buck.

Let us know what you decided to do after all.
Rowland, then you will ask yourself (What IF I were to go to Virgo's?) Hook line and sinker! Have fun.
Thanks guys. Happy Holidays to all.

Bozo, I've thought about Virgo's but Wife did not let me buy for the time being, she said later with a bigger room, need to mach the decor.

Anyone heard the 201's ? I'll check those at the CES.
Kinda like trading in your BMW 525 for a BMW 540i. Which would you rather drive? It won't take you long...the speakers will go next. It's the audio sickness. Chronic, incurable, and a blast. You'll love those Rowlands. peace, warren
Not a very good idea to change the amp if you are going to consider changing the speakers inthe near future. Mating the speakers and amp is critical to getting the sound you want. I have not heard the Rowland monos yet but they are on my list soon as soon as my delaer gets a pair in say January.

Happy Listening.
If I replace the amp, then replacing speakers may not be in near future, could take longer, all depends. I've heard Rowland Concentra II and Model 112 with Audio Physic Virgo's and Cary 306/200 and it was excellent.

Warren, I'm happy with my 330i even though I wish I've a 540i. I'm trying to do a performance upgrade like modifying by Dinan with lot less than buying a 540 or M3.

Have a good day.
Bigkidz, what is the difference if he buys the amp or speakers first? If he gets the amps first, he just has to get speakers that match; the only drawback I suppose is it is harder to bring speakers home.
Rkmca, why do you want to change amps? Is there something the PS Audio is doing, or not doing, that annoys you or otherwise leaves you unsatisfied? From your comments it appears that you haven't even heard the newer Rowlands. Comments by others state that they are very different than either the Concentra II or Model 112. That being the case and considering system synergy as a whole, the new Rowlands may not perform any better than your existing setup even if they are in some absolute sense better amplifiers than the PS Audios.
Well, i'm one of the lucky ones with a 540.{always get the v8, man!}
Here's what i would do. Since the rowland is new and hot right now, you could buy it use it for a year and then sell it for a little loss. Have a lot of fun, pay a little. Rowlands have great resale value. They are high powered so you have many speaker options if you want to trade speakers in the future. When i get a dedicated room, i prolly will look at the 201's, too
Onhwy61, If the 201's are anywhere near the 112 or Concentra, they should perform, don't see a reason why Rowland will introduce something if its not going to perform. Even though Tempos are within the HCA-2's output limit, I don't think it's driving the 4ohm load efficienntly. I can't upgrade all at the same time but I'm trying to get some opinion from you guys, what will be the best for now within a budget and replacing one component.

Also, I'm tired of this hissing noise from the tweeter, specially when I'm trying to watch a movie. For stereo mode, the noise level is not bad. It could be ground loop but I've hooked up other amps, I don't get any noise, so I wonder it's ground loop. I've even used a P-500, same noise. A lot of people in several boards also complained about the tweetter noise/hum.

Streetdaddy, I agree with you, if I get the 201's, enjoy for a while, if it does not work out as I'm hoping for, I can always sell those.
why not change your cables? virtual dynamics nite II power, interconnect and speaker cables are all top of the line and may be the answer you are looking for as opposed to new components.
Stvncar, How VD cables will change everything ? Are you just saying that because you are a dealer for VD ?