REL T7 Subwoofer

Anyone who owns this sub,
Is there any reliability issue with this sub? Comment on sound quality and ease of use is welcome. My friend who just started this hobby is thinking about this sub. Thanks.
Hello Audiolui,

I do not own the newest T7, I had the older Britania series.
These are the best subs on the market. Sound is outstanding.
Placement is too easy. Tell your friend that he is making a wise choice.

Happy Listening!
But do some research...there is plenty of reliability issues reported with REL, I had several myself.
I don't have a T7, but I do have a T3, which is the small model. I got it because I was downsizing and it replaced a Paradigm PW2200 (I believe it was).

It wasn't too long before I regretted it. The Paradigm just did everything so effortlessly, as it should have at almost three times the power and size.

In any case, my rig is a two channel only setup. I have it paired with a set of Paradigm Studio 10s and it does very well from a sound quality perspective.

I did, however, have some issues with it. First, the woofer fires down. The driver that is pointing out of the front is just a passive radiator. I have mine sitting on a tile floor and when driven hard, the whole unit will bounce around. I don't know that this is an issue with down firing models in general or just this particular model, but it's been an issue for me.

Another thing is that, on occasion, I'll hearing something rattling and I can't, for the life of me, find where it's coming from. I just about took the whole thing apart trying to find the rattle to no avail. When taking it apart, my impression of the unit was that it wasn't built very well. A couple of the screw holes were stripped too.

If I had it to do over again, I'd get something else. Still, like I said, it does put out good, fast bass. I haven't replaced it because I don't use it much.
Audiolui, I own a REL T5, not a T7 but ....
This is IMO a great little sub. Superbly fast and able to go down easily into the low 30Hz's. The REL T7 should be equally as adept and therefore I would highly recommend it.
BTW, no reliability issues whatsoever.
Thank you all for sharing. I will pass the message to my friend. I think the REL T7 will do fine. But I need to warn him about the sub bouncing (walking) around on tile floor.

I also heard that some subs do bounce (walk) around when driven hard on either tile or carpeted floor.