Corner bass traps on top of subwoofers. Thoughts?

Just recently saw a picture of corner bass traps on top of subwoofers in a very high end room. Has anyone else done this? Any thoughts?
Sounds like they had extra sound dampening gear they wasted money on and wanted to feel like they didn't waste money on corner bass traps...
The only to know if this will work for your room is to try it. The overall effectiveness is dependent on other characteristics of your room. Try, it may work for you.
I contacted GIK and asked this question. Their reply was "sure, I don't see why not."
IIUC, in general bass traps are designed to lesson bass peaks at certain frequencies that are a result of trying to reproduce sound waves that are to large to fit in the room. These peaks tend to be in the same location in the room which is why they are called standing waves. If the peaks are in the corners than on top of the sub would be fine.