Rel S812 fuse, AC cable, footers

I have a pair of Rel S812 subs that was set up by David Schultz last week and he dialed them in to perfection. One of the biggest increase in SQ I’ve ever done. 2 more pairs to go with 3 on each side. David, who was a head man at Rel and now works for T+A, said running the triple will sound amazing.

Rel now says that footers are not needed the way they designed the bottom rail on the S812. Has folks here, who own the S812, tried stands/ footers under their subs with positive results?

Has a fuse upgrade from the stock fuse caused an upgrade in the performance of the subs ?

Does a higher grade AC cable change from stock make a huge upgrade?


How many hours does a new pair of S812 take to reach break in?


If you do not hear improvement with Nobsound springs I will be shocked. If you do not hear even greater improvement with Townshend Pods I will be even more shocked. 

Just so you know, I have asked so many manufacturers so many questions like this over the last 30 years I have lost count. Except for one number: zero. The number who have told me their product could be improved.

Understand? The last person you ever ask about making something better is the one who made it in the first place. They will all tell you the same thing. 

Nobsound are cheap. Townshend are good. Try one or the other, you will see.

Has folks here, who own the S812, tried stands/ footers under their subs with positive results?


Very unlikely since the Rel subs are meant to integrate with the floor, NOT isolate, as I thought previously. This is why they recommend Blu-Tac if necessary to keep them from moving. Yes, its controversial. but mine have sounded great

If they are a sealed or ported and NOT using a bottom passive radiator, you decouple the speaker, no matter what ANY manufacture says. The same way REL learned to make a model that is not bottom firing. They will also LEARN decoupling is what audiophilers do it stop unwanted passive floor, walls and ceiling resonance.

I quit using bottom firing subs that weren't slot loaded in the 80s. 

I assure anyone on AG I been making Subs a lot longer than REL, a whole lot longer..

As long as REL sticks to that type of thinking they will find people that want the best won't be coupling a S812 to the floor.. EVER. Nice looking sub BTW

On the other hand if you like the WHOLE house shacking and stucco falling off your house by all means couple up nice and TIGHT..

Spikes work great on springs, pods or air ride. LOL Very simple to understand.. They been doing it for 100 years I know of with every piece of vibrating equipment on the planet.. What on earth makes people think a speaker is any different.. Dampening is the only way to stop thing from breaking.. Same with destructive harmonics.. You don't make bigger nuts and bolts and tighten them tighter, you dampen them.. Try the Flintstones Ride. Rock Rollers for tires vs your pneumatic tires for just starters, then springs and shocks and springs in you seat.

NEED I GO ON..  Springs not only work, they work extremely well for the cost vs improvement. 

If you like jackhammers in your home glue them to the floor. Even the kids are spring mounting their bass enclosures.. and dampening the heck out of their rides with SR71 or Blackhole.. So who is smarter the kids or the Dads.. Dads around here listen.. :-)




That’s the video I saw about not setting the subs on platforms or footers.


I was hoping someone has the S812 and tried footers or a platform.


Carbon is correct that most manufacturers frown on after market AC cables and isolation Gizmo’s. 

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I have 2. S510s and I went from platforms to directlty on my wood floors..much better...I wouldn't listen to those unless they actually  have Rel and have experience with them...pretty simple.

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