Ref 3A Veena - Devore Gibbon 8 - Audiophysic Yara

Hello -
I am looking into getting a different pair of speakers then my Spendor S6e. Looking for a different presentation(more open, more detail and a bit more bass) then what I am getting with the Spendors.

Does anybody have any experience with the Veena, Gibbon8 or the new Audio P. Yara Superior?

I use a tubed Pre-amp, with a solid State Classe CA-101 Amp.

I demo'd the Gibbons, but I think something was wrong with the dealer's setup. There was no, and I mean no, bass. In fact, it sounded like everything below the middle mids was AWOL. But I doubt that's how they're supposed to sound.
you should add the rockport miras to your list....
Well, that is not good at all.
Where was this dealer located? Did he have a Sub that was not working properly?

I added Joseph RM22Xl, as well to the mix and for sanity sake I'll just keep it to these 4.
I have the Gibbon 8's and the bass is spectacular for such a small floorstander, better than three or four other similarly priced and highly regarded speakers I've had. I can't compare them with your other options, however. The Gibbons are one of the most satisfying pieces of audio equipment I've ever bought.
Mira's are most likely way out of my budget(most of the speakers I listed are pretty much at the same price point new 3k), my room is not very wide 10 feet by about 21 feet long. Though on the right speaker I have another 8 feet or so open for the dining room area as you go up one step.

Thanks Sfar, for the info. Do you have a small or large room and what are you driving the Gibbons with?
Maggie 1.6s plus a powered sub. KILLER
My room is 11 x 17, though the listening area is realistically 11x14, and the speakers are approximately centered on the long wall.

I use two amp setups, depending on the season, a Simaudio I-5 integrated (solid state) and an AES Cary AE-25 triode tube amp with an AES-DJH Signature preamp. The tubes are for cool weather, most of the year here, and the Simaudio for the summer. Both rigs sound wonderful with the Gibbons.
It is generally accepted that the Reference 3a's were designed for tube amps . Contact the individual speaker companies and ask for their recommendation . That will give you an idea .
I have heard the Ref. 3a's on a SS amp (Cary w/tube buffer and a CJ tube pre) and on a Cayin tubed integrated . The tubed integrated was much better to me and a few other listeners . YMMV .

Good luck .
danger will robinson....only the veena is even possibly a step up....go to the spendor 8.
:o) Thanks Jaybo.

I did listen to the S8e after I bought the S6e about two years ago. I thought that besides the added bass heft and some what larger soundstage, it's basically the same personality - same tweeter, same detail retrieval, same "thick-in-the-middle, polite warm sound" but of course very musical.
I am looking for a musical speaker similiar to the Spendor but with more detail and open sound.
Maybe that speaker is the Gibbon 8 or the Veena. Josephs are an enigma.
the veena then..a different experience, but a great one.
You know...Just found out yesterday when I went to the only Ref 3A dealer in my area(Florida), and he said that due to the value of the dollar with relation to Canadian, all of the ref 3A products have gone up in price. The price was 3K it is now $3.7K and change, not including tax which puts it at ~4K for a Veena. He did not have any Ref 3A products on display.
So that puts the Veena's into the Gibbon Super 8, Joseph Rm25, and the upper AP model ranges.... Of which is out of my $$ range.
I do not have any Devore, Joseph or Audio Physic dealers in Florida. It is rare, as far as I nave been able to find, to see any of these models on the used market.
I have the AP Yara and I have heard the Super 8's - the Devore Super 8's were one of the best sounding most musical 2 way loudspeakers I have ever heard in my life. Bass was plenty full but in general the speakers are so well balanced and natural that I cannot imagine a better speaker for pure sound. I love their size, about 5 or 6 inches shorter than the Yara. They are not very large - the two tone wood look great, but all walnut veneer is beautiful as well. Another nice thing is they do not require bi-wiring, not a big deal, but it's just simpler. These will soar with tubes. I demo'd them on a 12wpc EL34 set and they bloomed like crazy!

My Yara's are nice, they are quick and most especially excel with acoustic sounds - they are not really a hard rock speaker- jazz and acoustic guitar sound excellent on them, lots of detail, bit lean on the lower end, but not that they dont have good bass because they do, its just the mids and highs seem to be a bit better than they produce deep bass. I am very satisfied with them.

I have never heard the Veena, but reviews tend to be mixed on them - Hifi Plus just did a review of the Grand Veena and based on what I could gleen from that, they liked them very much.

I think speakers really tend to do well with some music styles and not so well with others - if you are into lighter sounds, acoustic and jazz, you may also want to consider the Tonian's TL-D1 out of LA - hand made and the few people I know who have them, love them.
As far as demos go, you will be hard pressed to find any dealers who carry these types of speakers - best is to look on here and see what is for sale - if you find one, email the seller and ask what they like/ don't like about them. I purchased my Yara's sight unseen and love them, but I did a lot of emailing first. The other speaker I was looking at was the 3A DiCapo - but I wanted to do floor standing. Based on what I hear all of the 3A's have a very distinctive sound - I think again based on what I have been told, they are good, but an acquired taste.

Again as I said before, I absolutely loved the Super 8's that I heard - I have never heard the 8's, but have been told same sound just a tad bit veiled compared to the Super - personally I would not go anything less than Super 8's if I were doing Devore.

That is the other good thing, they are made in the USA. I think the German made Audio Physic has pulled out of the US due to the falling dollar and lack of sales - just too expensive when compared to other domestics and Asian imports. The 3A should really not have gone up that much, Canadian dollars have gone up, but they would shoot themselves in the foot to raise their prices.

You can deal direct with Ref 3A - I forget the gentleman's name, but he is happy to work with you.
You should really listen to the Harbeth's SH5's. I owned them for two years and they are the most musical speaker in their price range I have ever heard. Very easy to drive, sounds great with tubes & SS. They don't go real deep but they just sound right. I went from a $10,000 electrostatic to the Harbeth and both were enjoyable. It sounds like you are looking more for a floor standing speaker but I would seek out Harbeth's before you purchase.
PS - the reviews on harbeth's are outstanding.
Ridecycling, thanks for the information and advice. I believe I have this pretty much narrowed down now to the Devore Super 8 and either a Joseph RM22,25 MKII or the new XL models. Just have to save up a little more $$ to get a worthwhile upgrade from my S6e's.
It is kind of hard to find recent reviews info on the Josephs floorstanders

Bobheinatz, Yep I have heard the Harbeth's before. I believe it was the HL5 at dealer in Sarasota FL., and I agree they are great sounding speaker, but stand mounts are not on the Wife approval list....
I don't know much about the Joseph Audio's, but the Super 8's are right up there with the best of anything - let's put it this way, virtually every reviewer who initially reviewed the Supers ended up buying them - the is pretty unprecedented. Plus based on what I have heard, John (Devore) is a pretty damn nice guy! (: