Rediscovering the music of my early youth..... and having LOTS of FUN!

I recently had shoulder surgery, and have about 22-25 minutes of physical therapy that I do at home every day.  Necessary, but quite boring.  I realized that 22 minutes is about the length of one side of an album, so I decided to listen to the albums of my youth- the middle school and high school years, before I got my fist job at 16 and bought my first stereo.  I am 60, so that makes it mid to early 1970s.

Realize that most of these are poorly recorded, and with a very few exceptions I would never listen to for sound quality.  So I have been streaming them on my iPhone through earphones.  

But even with poor sound quality,  this has been LOADS of fun.  Kind of a guilty pleasure.  I recall almost all of the lyrics, chord changes, intros, and what song is coming up next.   ELO face the music, doobie brothers toulouse street, Styx equinox, Bachman turner overdrive II, Kansas leftoverture, frampton comes alive, steely Dan can’t buy a thrill (this is a decent recording), Bob seger live, and on and on.  It makes the PT time fly by.

wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?
I did a lot of that after back surgery...lots of time on my bed resting or doing therapy exercises...I’m older that you and find lots of 60’s music I only listen to while driving, rarely at home...had an 8 track in my ’67 Camaro...
I’ve never stopped listening to the music from my youth, but glad it's getting you fired up.
Whatever you listen to, don't let up on the physical therapy.

I've been through a  shoulder rotator cuff procedure. I know that pain going thru post surgery recovery. Move, move and move more!
Tablejockey- no plans to let up

fjblair-  when I started hanging out at audio salons at age 16, I discovered “better” music that I still listen to now  Supertramp is a good example, and Steely Dan, and MFSL label remasters.  Same era, just better recordings and thus more fun on the big rig.
Suite Madam Blue. Is it possible to play too loud? I think not!
America! America! America, America!
America! America! America, America!
America! America! America, America!
America! America! America, America!
Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass, you're not a child any more.
Red white and blue, the future is all but past so lift up your heart, make a new start, and lead us away from here.

Mastered at the Mastering Lab by the great Doug Sax.