Redbook CDP under $1,000 used

I need a CDP for my office system, to replace my APL Denon 3900 tube CDP, since the latter is is so good that I brought it home. Anything around that has the same airiness, musicality and detail for under $1K, used? Suggestions welcome.
For your budget, you might actually be better off with a DAC and an inexpensive DVD player as a transport. The MHDT DAC's have been getting a lot of good press, although I have yet to hear one personally.

Otherwise, I can always recommend a Music Hall CD-25 (which is way under your $1000 limit used). It's a unit that sounds very good for the price, and would be good for an office system. Or, maybe an Oppo BDP-83SE. I have the regular (non-SE) version, and it sounds fine with CD's. I hear the SE version sounds better with analog outputs. It also has the benefit of playing anything that's round and shiny, regardless of format.

Or, consider a used Arcam CD23. They sound good and are built like a tank. You might also be able to find an older Classe CD player. Even more options: Some of the offerings from Jolida, Cambridge, or Rotel.

I suspect any of the above units would work just fine for your purpose in the office.


Jas Musik 1.2 which can be purchased for not much more than $1000 new and for less than $1K used.
If you want something that's just plain "musical", pick up a used Jolida JD-100a (stock), throw in the tubes of your choice (I dig the Sovtek LPS's), add a decent power cord, and be done with it.

Like most anything else that's affected by personal preference and system synergy, you'll either love it, or hate it. I'm not even going to get into trying to define my impression of the sound, but for me, the Jolida has been an affordable blessing, and IMO, still stands out in the crowd.
Just buy a brand new Sony xa-5400es for about 200 more with a 5 year warranty.Besides, I highly doubt you will find anything south of 3 grand that will touch it.
You might be able to find a true Meridian 508.24 for that. Still a great sounding one box player.
Thanks for all your help. I bought the Marantz SA11S1 - I defy anyone to find a better player for $1200 (used). It is spectacular! Particularly on SACD, but no slouch on redbook. I may trade down my other expensive CDPs!
Springbok, did you manage to audition both the Marantz and the Sony 5400ES? If so, I'd like to get your thoughts on how the two compared, and why you chose the Marantz.

Find a used Raysonic CD-128 or get a new OPPO Special Edition Blue Ray player. Nothing comes close at less than $1000. In fact you have to spend much more to beat both.

I have used quite a few.