Recommentation for small floorstander

I like the Gershman Avant Garde and need something similar (non-box, non- monitor speaker) in order to place in a family room. I run an all MAC system, current products, plenty of power.....any recommentations for a solid high-end speaker that fits that profile? Prefer full-range to avoid having to locate a sub in the room. Thanks
Totem Forest
I heard the Totem Arros at LA HES. I couldn't believe the sound they were putting out for such a diminutive floorstander. While I didn't have the time to listen critically, they did leave an impression, and caused me to remember the Totem brand.
Gallo Reference 3 - non-box, floorstander, VERY highly reviewed...

maybe i missed it, but if you like the gershman's why not buy them? i had a pair which i recently sold and they are one of the best speakers under $5k that i've ever heard. their bass is tight and authoritative with the right solid state gear. it get's kinda loose and flabby with tubes though.
You might look at/try the RAW Acoustics HT3 or HT8 depending upon your budget. Use of ribbon tweeters help reduce the boxiness of these and other speakers.
Another nod for the Gallo ref 3. Talk about good feng shui.