Recommendations for replacing a damaged Usher BE-718 beryllium tweeter

I have a pair of  Usher BE-718 speakers with the beryllium tweeters. I bought them used years ago and after shipping, there was a dent in one of the tweeters.  I could not hear the difference, and money was tight, so I did not replace.  Well, recently the tweeter cracked, so now I need to replace.  However, I'm having a hard time locating a single (or pair) of the original  beryllium tweeter(s).  The new diamond series might be good, but they appear to cost $900 for a new pair... approximately what I could sell the speakers for if they had both tweeters working.  While I like the BE-718s, I'm pretty sure that I do not want to go down the new diamond path.  Any suggestions/ideas?  Someone have a single (or pair) of old beryllium (or diamond) tweeters they want to sell?  Ideas for possible speaker "projects" using the existing cabinet and woofers?  Thanks!
did u contact the company?  do they still exist?
Contact Us

ADD:No. 110 Sec 1 Kai Fong St ,Taipei ,Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2381 1771

They seem to be alive and kicking drop them an email.
They also have a US distributor you could contact:

United States

Katli Audio

Tel: 979 11 80 00
Fax: 979 12 29 63
13908 Ravenwood Chion Hills, CA 91709-1784 USA

I checked with US dealers and only the diamond tweeters are available at $900/pair.  I did not try Taiwan as I did not think the company would want to by-pass their US vendors. 
We hav a set in stock sell at a good price we have moved on from Usher the kef ls 50 were better than the 718 so we dropped usher
audiotroy and audiogon to the rescue

how awesome when a forum like this solves problems and makes things better!
I agree!  It was a dead end for my search - until I reached out on this forum.  It is very cool how much knowledge and resources are out there!