Mold-damaged copy of "Live at Leeds"

Hello there,

I have come across a copy of "Live at Leeds", original pressing, with all of the inserts except for the poster (sniffle). While there are no scratches, there are some nasty mold blotches on one side. The label on that side shows evidence of water damage, as do several of the inserts.

I have tried evrything I can think of to get the vinyl clean. I use a VPI HW-17F cleaning machine with Nitty Gritty fluid. I even tried a second cleaning with Last "Power Cleaner". No luck. Anyone know what I should try next?
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Hey, at this point you have nothing to lose. I would use a record brush (an old DiscWasher type brush) to scrub it in a circular motion with a diluted mixture of bleach and water. Make up a 50/50 mix in a bowl large enough to dip your brush in, keeping everything sopping wet. A couple drops of mild dish soap added to the mix will give it some lubrication. Do all this with the record sitting on a towel so you do not have to be concerned with the other side getting scuffed. If it is real bad, then make one or two revolutions around the record and rinse it under running tap water to wash away the heavy accumilation of mold before you go around the record side another time or two. After repeating the process on the other side, rinse both sides under very hot running water. If you rotate the record at an angle while rinsing, you can direct the hot water to hit at the inside groove letting it flush everything away, thus keeping the label as dry as possible. The label will more than likely get some water splashed on it but this isn't about looking at a record's about saving the music. Pat the label dry if needed and follow up with a cleaning on your VPI to make it squeaky clean. Your brush on your VPI may be contaminated from your previous attempted cleaning so clean it before using. Records are more durable than one assumes. The key here is to kill the bacteria, suspend it in solution after freeing it from the grooves and flushing it completely off the record with a large quantity of hot water. This has worked for me without any ill effects. Let me know how you make out.....Deano
" ...records are more durable than one assumes."

Depending upon the vinyl pellets purchased, or recycled in the case of most U.S. pressing plants during the era mentioned; bleach and alcohol CAN affect the plasticizors used in the vinyl composition, even in weak mixtures. Plasticizors are usually based on dibasic fatty acids, which bleach will permeate.

I have had tests ran on various LP pressings (about 40 in all), and have found that most used plasticizors in the vinyl to make the pressing more flexible and easier to tool.

If sound quality is an issue, I think that I'd try either the discontinued and controlled Last Freon based "First" solution. The freon won't permeate the vinyl, yet will clean the vinyl well. The down side is that you will need to purchase a pair of industrial gloves that will protect you from the freon, which is thought of as a cancer causing agent by the state of California.
It's not that valuable or rare. Just find a good copy of the record without all the "extras" and put the good record together with the "extras". For $10 or less your problem is solved. With alot of luck, you'll find the missing poster to boot. Of course, it might be a good exercise to try to fix your current LP to gain the experience....

I'd try a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water...
Theoretically speaking I would believe that bleach has an affect on the vinyl but to what extent? Let's remember the big picture here and that is to save an otherwise useless record. If you cannot get the mold off then your only alternative is to toss it. I do have another product you can use which I also have had success with but I did not mention it last time because it is not as readily available as bleach. It is Shakley Products "Basic G" It is a germicide that kills mold and it will calm the fears of those who would rather not use bleach. If you do not kill the mold, it will come back. Hey! If all this fails, I have an original Live At Leeds that I scooped up. I believe it has all the goodies. Never been played! Interested?