Recommendations for PC's for a Ayre CX-7e

There may be members who believe after market "PC's are not worth the dough, or any better than the standard cord supplied by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, I need a some recommendation for a PC cord that is a good match for the Ayre CX7e CD player. I would like to pay about $150-$200

Members with personal "favorites" in this price range used with OTHER Brand HIGH-END PLAYERS, please let me know. Thanks, Jimbo
I've tried a bunch of power cables with my Ayre gear and the stock cord really does sound the best. But if for some reason you need to get a PC, the 2 that worked best for me was the Richard Grey PC and ESP Essence. The good thing about them is that they didn't alter the sound at all. They sound just like the stock PC (keep in mind, that's in my system. In a different system, its possible that the results may be different.)

you may want to contact Ayre an speak to Mike for the best answer. Otherwise, Audioquest and Transparent are more pc options. First and foremost, I am a "cable" guy and yes, they do make a difference!

Happy Listening.
buy one of the lower priced Shunyata cords (used) and never look back.
"12-18-14: Stereo5
buy one of the lower priced Shunyata cords (used) and never look back."

I tried them. Not a good match for Ayre.
I have always liked Audience power cords with digital gear. I believe the original one, before the e version, is close to your price range.
When I owned my CX-7e I used Cardas Golden Cross and then a Cardas Golden Reference (recommended by Ayre at the time) power cord. I loved the sound in my system with the exception of the soundstaging and bottom end. I changed to a BMI Whale elite MKII which I still have in my system after selling the Ayre.