Recommendation for Tube Preamp around $1000

I am rebuilding a 2 channel system for music and I am in need of a 'Budget " tube preamp with HT bypass but can live without .The rest of my system is: Onkyo NR3007 for HT duties ; Ext Power Amp Khartago SE ++ ; Speakers Salk Song Towers ; Subwoofer SVS NSD 12 ; Bass EQ via BFD using REW ;Ext Xover Energy EAC for Subwoofer integration in 2 channel mode.

My previous experience with 2 channel music was several years ago when I owned Classe Pre and Power amps along with Linn Sondek Turntable, etc etc .Speakers were Mirage M1's . At that time I had separate rooms for HT and 2 channel music listening. After I downsized , I have to integrate both HT and Music in one location in the family room

I have narrowed down the preamps to the following:

Jolida Fusion 3000
Maple Tree 2SE
YS Audio,

I dont mind used equipment .

AR, CR, etc

Please help me out with recommendations:

Thanks very much

Modwright SWL9.0SE.
I picked up a used VAC Auricle preamp, with a built in phono stage, for $1100 with upgraded tubes. It sounds much better than it has any right to at that price. Needless to say, I'm very happy.
Audible Illusions
Cary SLP 03 would fit the bill nicely.
Dare I speak of the wonderful results that can be had with the Sonic Frontier Line 1. With the right combination of tubes, power cord, interconnects, it's still worthy of today's high end systems and compatible with several SS and tube amps of course.
I recently bought a Quicksilver full function the older one with dual 6X4 rectifiers. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the sound, especially after doing some tube rolling: RCA 12FQ7s and vintage Mullard 12AX7s.
No ht bypass and you will get a gazillion reccomendations here but for that money id go used joulemelctra with hesitation. While it may not be a flavor all enjoy i doubt you could get "better" for the money. While i have not heard it i also have heard very good things about the sas.
Only two choices that I know of at that price and both are excellent: Dodd Buffer or Preamp and Modwright 9.0. Can't go wrong with either...
Soundvalves VTP100 and VTP101 if you can find one used.