Recent experience with Gershman Avant Garde


I'm considering a pair of Gershman RX-20's. They have glowing reviews from the 2000's, but can anyone give more recent reviews?

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I think they're a good sounding speaker, but they are unique. If you can't listen to them first, I would pass.
They seemed dull and flat to me when I heard them first time.
Just like a BMW.
is that your opinion of a BMW?
which model in particular? or, all of them?
if not a BMW, which other auto brand would you consider not "dull & flat"? Curious minds would like to know. thanks.
My BMW M3 is anything but dull and flat!
I was just kidding. Czarivey is a BMW tech and thinks they're the best cars. I just couldn't resist.

"if not a BMW, which other auto brand would you consider not "dull & flat"? Curious minds would like to know. thanks."

It's just like audio. It doesn't matter what I think, its about what you like. But since you ask, I prefer Japanese cars. And I like dull and flat when it comes to cars. My boring Acura starts every day. No drama or expensive flat bed trips to the dealer. Its the same old routine. Put the key in the ignition and it starts. Day after day, year after year.
ok, cool Zd542.
in cars, as in audio, to each his own. Glad to know you like dull & boring in your cars. I have to agree there is something good in that when you know your daily car is reliable & will do its job with zero drama. :-)
Hi there... I am in the process (painful -  unfortunately) of acquiring a Gershman-evaluated and revamped pair of Avant Garde RX-20s - and wonder what the final outcome was - if you got them?... If you did go with them: what amp/bi-amping are you using? 
A reply would be appreciated. Thanks. Bill
PS: Suggestion: give yourself the best and cheapest audio upgrade available: when you listen - turn down the lights and close your eyes. Best regards. Bill
Bill, I currently own a pair of Gershman Sonogram speakers.

When I was auditioning the Sonograms I also tried the RX-20 at the very same dealer in the same system, but did not really hear anything to cause me to part with the extra cash they commanded.

The model that did peak my interest was the Gap 828, which sounded more transparent than the RX-20 and the Sonograms, but the price was way over my budget, so I settled for the Sonograms.

So after 5 years with the Sonograms I am now totally satisfied with them and I am no longer trying find a better speaker.

Since my purchase I have made numerous cable upgrades that allow the Sonograms to really show their superb dynamics, imaging and clarity. They respond very well to great cables.

They are also one of the most "invisible" speakers I have listened to.

The only speaker that has bested the Sonograms by a significant margin so far is a pair of Avangarde $35k.

 If I were looking right now,  I think I would be tempted by the Gap 828

Take a look at this thread ...

I also agree with the poster of the thread in that their Customer Service leaves a little to be desired - that is if you have reason to call them.

It took them 4-5 weeks to replace a faulty bass driver, which they said was damaged by me. after some "debate" they conceded the unit was faulty and they replaced it FOC.

The Sonograms have been fine ever since.

Hope that helps

I ended up going with a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios- which I'm very happy with.