Gershman X-1 vs. Revel M20 vs. Tyler Monitors

People, I am a newbie in hifi and really hope to get your advice on speakers: I have simaudio moon i-5 amp and listen to mostly jazz/fusion/classical and I am in a bind at deciding what pair of speakers to buy. I think i'd prefer a pair of monitors (my listening room is relatively medium sized) due to their clarity but maybe a small floor-standing speaker is also a good solution? As for monitors,

Gershman X-1, Revel M20 and Tyler Tylo monitors keep poping up with rave reviews..anybody managed to listen and compare them? Any advice on a decision between them?

Or perhaps small floor standing speakers like Dynaudio Audience 72 or Gershman Chamelion?

Would really really help me, as I am confused.

Thank you!

I compared the X-1's and the M20's but not the Tyler's. I ended up buying the X-1's. To my ears, the Gershman's were FAR superior to all the speakers I auditioned, including the Revel's. Another consideration (which I ended up taking advantage of) is the ability to turn the Gershman's into a full range system (at a later date) with the addition of the SW-1 subwoofers. The passive subs blend seamlessly with the X-1's.
I also heard the Chameleon's which come very close to the X-/SW-1 combo, for about half the price. I think they may be the best speaker value under 2K. I recommend an audition. While a few dollars more than the X-1's, once you add the cost of stands to the monitors, the Chameleon's might cost a little less.
Other systems I auditioned (and liked) included Spendor, Soliliquy, and Audes. Still, I felt that the Gershman's were the most musical- they were the only ones that I actually forgot I was "auditioning". I didn't notice the speakers and got lost in the music, which sold me.
Like you, I was excited about all the hype surrounding Gershman speakers. I almost bought a pair without auditioning. Luckily, I waited to hear them at the HE2003. I left the Gershman room in less than 5 min. The sound is extremely bass heavy, unnatural and not well integrated.