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Krell Service - speakers buzzing

I recently started experiencing a buzz in both my main speakers, After lots of troubleshooting, I...

Advice regarding separate DAC purchase

Greetings all.  I currently have a McIntosh MA8900 Integrated with an onboard DAC1.  I'm consider...

Power cable Advice...

Hi - I am upgrading my PC's from the basic stock to something higher end. Working with a budget u...

Knockoffs- how can they just advertise so easily?

Just look at the pictures- are you sure when buying that used cable it is genuine?  Genuine look...

Microphonics, Feedback and Bob Carver

First, I’m going to present a theory I don’t have a lot of investment in, I’m just curious about....

Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear

I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community to gather some honest feedback and personal expe...

Buffalo Springfield- “For What it’s Worth” - best vinyl version

Does anyone know what’s the best vinyl version for sonics Buffalo Springfield- “For What it’s Wor...

DAC vs Music Server

I want to preface my comments by saying, this is my experience, I don’t know everything, and your...

Bryston BP-17 cubed or Benchmrk LA4 Preamp

My old Levinson No. 38s preamp is getting a bit long in the tooth. Oh, it is working fine; I've g...

Dedicated 20 amp circuit. 10/2 or 10/3?

Dedicated 20 amp circuit.  10/2 or 10/3? 

A Big Shout out to TAP Electronics

Sal at Tap  had my Esoteric K0 3x SACD and CD player fixed in 24 hours. I live in N. Ca. about a ...

Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600

I have been using a Leben cs600 for many years with DeVore O93 speakers.  My brother who is quite...

Singxer SU-6

I just received a Singxer SU-6 last week and incorporated it into my system so this might be cons...

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Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
DAC vs Music Server (ricred1)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
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Equalizer in a Hi Fi system (tattooedtrackman)
A persistent hummmm... (dtorc)
I Don't Understand What Determines When A Thread Gets The Axe (allenf1963)
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JJ preamp tubes - repeated problems (emergingsoul)
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LPS for Optical Network Terminal (ONT) (brskie)
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Hegel comparison (cundare2)
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Help me pair the KEF R11 Metas...? (weenisupeenis)
Singxer SU-6 (mitch2)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
Cable Break In for the Naysayers (ozzy)
Beethoven Pathetique Audio Artistry (francij8)
Single input tube preamp (mashif)
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC? (scslite)
How much does power amplifier really matter comparing to other hi-fi components? (cclee2022)
Cary Audio SLP-5 Preamp Tube Replacement. (couger4u)
Expectation and musical perception (bruce19)
Thinking about switching cartridges. (marshinski15)
Do you trust your ears more than measurements? (calvinj)
InnuOS Sense 2.6.0. (antigrunge2)
on the cheap (dpm2340)
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Are the Paradigm Founder Series really, really good speakers? (todd1010)
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Songs you use when auditioning gear (jastralfu)
Humminguru record cleaner (rvpiano)
Aurender Model Choices (jfrmusic)
Technics SU-G700m2 firmware update (johnsonwu)
2024 Audio System Wish List (zavato)
ifi LAN iSilencer (kennymacc)
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question. (ssg308)
Preamp advice (tubesound247)
Manley Jumbo Shrimp Tube issue - where to buy qualtiy GE 5670W tubes (raydecraene)
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers (wqgq_641)
ARC LS25 mkii vs ARC Ref 5se (mdveejazz)
Opinions about Daniel Hertz (eylai777)
Dan D'Agostino Momentum Integrated vs Progression S350 & Preamp (chauncey)
Philharmonic Audio BMR Towers (thecarpathian)
Damping Factor and Overall Negative Feedback. (mechans)
Hi End Audio Technician in Las Vegas (alejandromaldonado)
Absorbing traffic noise with Helmholtz resonators (video) (hilde45)
Ayre k-5xe MP (starboard)
Signal tube versus power tube, sound impact? (emergingsoul)
First world problems - Rf Shielding.... (cgeoly)
Have Luxman 509x. Considering Pass Labs INT-250 or Dan D’Agostino Progression Integrated (eclumsden)
NSMT = OMG!! (johnah5)
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion. (erik_squires)
Absorption of digital hash (ptss)
Cornwall iv (mofojo)
Package sent to wrong address (tattooedtrackman)
Esoteric S-05 30 watt Class A Amp (jo1mtb)
Antipodes K50 G4 Music Server/Player (tonywinga)
Amp — Leave on or turn off (rvpiano)
Synergy (rvpiano)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
Virtual Systems Activity
Ghasley's System (ghasley)
@ghasley Where are the pictures of this terrific audio system. It must sound heavenly. Congratulations!!!Charles (charles1dad)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
Got it. You’re on a great path, then. (hilde45)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
I did ask Kent about Firstwatt options, specifically F8.  His suggestion if it was going to be your "main" SS amp go XA25, safest and more universal option. ... (loki_ut)
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120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
I'm now using a Border Patrol DAC that is R2R non-oversampling. It has a tube rectified power supply, choke input and Jupiter caps. The sound is very natural... (sbayne)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
@loki_ut No harm! Texas, Tennessee -- it's all weird for native New Yorkers like me.Anyway, many people really were strong on the XA25 over the 30. BUT now y... (hilde45)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
Thank you for the quick response!  You may find this offending but I'm that other UT, Go Big Orange.....I was at the Florida Audio Expo this past weekend and... (loki_ut)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
@loki_ut Are you a UT grad? Hook 'em and so forth? Me too.So, I love the XA-25 and it has a very special, gentle sound. Good call.As for the mid-monos, they ... (hilde45)
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120x85hilde45's System (hilde45)
Hello, Will echo what others have said, nicely laid out and presented room.  Love the little details everywhere.I had a question about your experience with t... (loki_ut)
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