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eqipment on 24/7?

what are the current thoughts about leaving upper-end digital audio gear on 24/7? I leave my high...

Anyone compared Sanders Magtech vs. McIntosh MC462/52 or MC611/01 with Magnepan 3.7/20.7?

I know a lot has been written about all of these amps with the 3.7 and 20.7 series Mangepan's, bu...

New Technics vs. old

If you have a vintage Technics turntable in good working order, is it still worth it to purchase ...

Upgrade to m49?

Anybody upgrade from the m47 to the m49? Or anybody have any experience with the new m49 preamp?

Home theater receiver

Is there an av receiver that can by pass the signalto my front speakers thru my stereo pre amp wi...

Room improvement

Many of you speak of the importance a room plays in the ultimate sound . There must be be many va...

Tone controls?

Is there a best way to add tone controls to my BAT amp and pre?any good vintage equalizers?

Identifying these speakers...

Anybody know what these speakers are by chance? They are listed locally and the seller won’t prov...

Bi-Amp Calibration assistance/advise

I have a set of NHT 3.3 speakers. I use a dedicated NHT SA2 Subwoofer amplifier for each speakers...

I see a lot of Chinese MBL6010D knock offs

I see so many who use it as a reference for the circuit in their preamps.So is the circuit in the...

Is It Just My Imagination?

I recently bought an Anthem D2V Statement pre-pro and am running it with a Monolinth 7-channel am...

How Good Is Audio Quality When Using An Amp's Bluetooth Connection

My Rotel Integrated Amp has bluetooth capabilities. Was wondering if anyone has experience stream...

Mundorf Silver Oil or Silver Gold Oil ?

Hello,which you prefer ? ( for preamp)Thanks.

Manley Gold Reference DAC

Anyone have any experience with this long deleted DAC? I vaguely recall reading a rave review yea...

Digital Amplifier Company

Anybody here ever own or listen to one of these amplifiers. Tommy O'brien paints them red and cal...

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Grace Level ll (mitcho)
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror (rja)
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Subwoofers suggestion? (zavato)
Which types of speakers are ideal against a wall? (puffbojie)
MC462 enough to handle Revel Salon 2’s? (b_hol)
I see a lot of Chinese MBL6010D knock offs (rixthetrick)
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Let's roll: what pre-amp tubes should I consider next? (funcrusha)
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DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more.... (david_ten)
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SHL5+, Zu, Orangutan? (tswisla)
What to do? Buy a new motherboard and rebuild? Or wait for failure? (echolane)
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Digital Amplifier Company (mijostyn)
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3 channel amp for H/T (jcfiver)
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120x85lscharpf05's System (lscharpf05)
I really like that you showed real life. My hat is off to you. I listen in a room that is designed to have my family in the room...not out of the room.Thanks... (astewart8944)
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120x85lscharpf05's System (lscharpf05)
who leaves kids junk in a pix besides you (twoch)
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120x85rosami's System (rosami)
tomic601Thank you! The system is “still evolving” and my next step will be rebuilding & improving my Thiels - upgrading crossovers.  (rosami)
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120x85rosami's System (rosami)
select-hifiMy audio room is on the second floor of my home so I needed better isolation of speaker-induced low frequency  vibrations. The Townshend podiums d... (rosami)
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