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Power setup for 803D's Family Room

While it may sound a bit nuts, i have a set of 803 Diamond speakers which i use for left and righ...

Best pressing of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto?

I’m ready to start into the classical side of my vinyl collection, and I’ll start with my favorit...

How to go about getting a new arm board for a new tonearm

I have a VPI TNT Jr. with the upgraded motor, super platter, motor controller, 10 inch JMW arm, p...

Tubeyist sounding Pre-amp?

What pre-amp has the most tubey sound?I don't even car if it HAS tubes - I just want that sound -...

Classic BAT vs. Audio Research

For those who have heard them, how does a classic all-tube design like a BAT VK-150SE stack up ag...

Audio Research Preamp

I purchased a used Audio Research Preamp and when I plugged it in I got nothing no power no light...

Greg Lake RIP

Greg passed away aged 69 lost battle with cancerPioneers of Prog Rock - Great voice, great words,...

Legendary jazz performances (the Savory Collection) from radio broadcasts available

Here's the link to an article (the soundclip is better, with samples from the collection) from NP...

Cayin ta30 or a88t

I hear a lot of positive reviews of the Cayin ta30 and of the a88t but wonder if anyone has compa...

Any input on A+T PA 2500R integrated VS. Ayre or Pass Labs INT 60?

Thinking of getting the A+T PA 2500R intergrated amp, have read great things about it but can not...

Any input on A+T PA 2500R integrated VS. Ayre or Pass Labs INT 60?

Thinking of getting the A+T PA 2500R intergrated amp, have read great things about it but can not...

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Questions about the newer Allison Model 1 and Model 4 Speakers? (audibleguy)
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Virtual Systems Activity
Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Hotrod SLI-80, Merlins and RA Opus 21 (fpeel)
Nice looking/sounding system!   I used to run MME's with CJ amp/preamp.  Not sure which direction I will go in next.  However,  Merlin, Quad, Penaudio would ... (skateman)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Silence of The Lamms (sbank)
Added Yamamoto Soundcraft Boxwood headshell and Jelco magnesium headshell to use with the Signet and Satin cartridges. (sbank)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120My Analog Den (soundpurist)
Wow, what a playground! When you want to show off how good records can sound to a novice which turntable do you gravitate towards? Love the room! Cheers,Spencer (sbank)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120chlv0ter's System (chlv0ter)
Great looking system!What kind of bass traps/room treatments did you use? (robforst1)
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