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How hard it is to replace the rca input on the shindo amplifier?

Hi,Does anybody know how to replace the rca input in my Shindo Montille Ampplifier?I bought it us...

Audiophile CDs

Hello friends, you can recommend the best website to buy Audiophile CDs (XRCD, K2HD, etc) with th...

Nelsen Reed 804/C

Selling  a pair of Nelson Reed speakers 804/C  Excellent Condition. 

Need help sorting some WE 5842/417A tubes

I am trying to gather a group of six Wesrwen Electric 417 A tubes for my Allnic H1500 SE II phono...

Refurbished vs New

Hi I want to buy an Arcam UDP411. I see on Amazon is an Arcam official dealer who has a refurbish...

Audio magic fuses

Hello everyone,I would like to gets some info on all types of audio magic fuses for speakers,ampl...

dynaudio compound 4, Any Amp reommendation for these

Anyone experienced with these series speaker ?I have a luxman 507ux 210W 4 ohm, are these suffici...

Pangea AC outlets

Anybody tried or using these?  Any feedback?

...a second listen

I have a Superscoutmaster VPI/rim drive/Classic Platter.  Sometime ago, I heard that topping off ...

Sim Audio Integrated 700i Owner Opinion

I am seriously looking at buying the 700i. I would appreciate it if any 700i owners can chime in ...

Warm sounding amp to a mixer

Hi there, I'm looking for a warm sounding amp to connect to my Bozak mixer.The mixer throws off m...

Adding second system for vinyl within a Home Theater environment

Do many people have a complete 2nd system within their Home Theater Listening Environment ?with c...

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Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever? (pubul57)
Recommend remasterd SACD albums? classical, jazz (bluefin)
Sain line system cables a hidden giant killer. (hiendmmoe)
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Anthem 225 verses B&K EX 4420 and PT 3 (geph0007)
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New KT150 tubes? (david12)
Help, my system sounds lifeless! (spoutmouzert)
Norah Jones (stringreen)
Thorens 124 a little noisy (dhcod)
Time to choose: Baerwald, Lofgren, Stevenson ? (chakster)
Amplifier upgrade (adiorio)
Using Tape Out from Preamp for powered sub woofer. (kartikeyp)
RMAF 2016................Boenicke W5 (gawdbless)
Monitor Audio (alman63)
Sota Star series III questions (rbpett)
Ayre Codex (georgelfre)
Experience with Tannoy Westminster Royal Gold Reference (hddg)
Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama? (jafant)
Aggressive know it all salesman (lohanimal)
Tube amp sitting unused for a long time (bombayboy)
Why warm amps sound better. (arcticdeth)
Is the Maestro AC outlet basically a cryo'd Cooper BR20 found at Lowes for $3.47? (jea48)
Lampizator Music KOMPUTER or MusicVault or MemoryPlayer64??? (zephyr24069)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120The Gift And The Curse (devilboy)
devilboy,Did you own a TVC at any point in time, in your system? If yes, then why did you switch to an integrated. Also looks like you had the Tortuga LDR in... (milpai)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120Shindo Green Just North of The OC (closdesducs)
Dan,Thank you for your comments; it definitely has been an interesting audio journey!  A lot of passionate, interesting, committed people along with the occa... (closdesducs)
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