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VPI Prime - How Often Do You Use the Adjustable VTA Base?

I have a Scout 1.1 with Soundsmith MIMC Star, and have been very pleased with it and am seriously...

Bi amping question

Hi there,I have some no-name old speakers which should support bi amping, on the back there is th...

20 foot long speaker cable: is it ok?

Hi guys I'm looking to move my speakers to the long wall of my room, the 14 foot one. In order to...

Home theater setup recommendations?

My daughter, married, middle aged, has asked me to help them set up a decent home theater/listeni...

Missing the plastic bag for shipping for my amp...

Well as anyone who knows Pass gear is aware, the amps and preamps usually come with a thick plast...

Buying gear

Can somebody give me information on buying products from sellers here. I see a lot of sellers ask...

I own a first generation 8inch Kicker Solo Baric (S8 I believe?)

Does anyone out there know anything about this subwoofer and/or possibly specs? i have looked eve...

Aries Cerat

Im curious if anyone here in the US has actually ordered a piece of gear from this Aries Cerat, w...

ATI AT4003 / ATI AT543NC for ATC SCM / Dyndaudio

Looking for an amp that will last a while and which is more than adequate for speakers like ATC S...

The 70’s are back

And for only $4000 you can buy a brand new pair of JBL L100’s. I will have to hear them hooked to...

Golden Audio Aon 3 vs Aon 2

I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. Is there much difference  besides the bass being...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
For you Total Contact users who may be reading this. Doesn't the seller claim its very conductive? I haven't been reading those message boards much anymore b... (sbayne)
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120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
Yeah I basically agree with Bill but I would say at least 3 days. If you can wait a week before doing serious listening I would recommend it. Also use as man... (sbayne)
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120x85Music System (dodgealum)
Just posted a few updates to my system. New speakers on the way (Daedalus Apollo) and finally put up some pictures of the awesome LTA Ultralinear that will p... (dodgealum)
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120x85kchoi's System (kchoi)
Wonderful top tier system.Is that a Klimax LP12 turntable? Does the Pass phono preamp surpass Linn's own for the Klimax w/ Kandid system? (mjcmt)
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120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
I agree with the slightly warmer. I would add more musical and satisfying.  I think the total impact only takes 3 days max.  Love to hear what Scott and Tom ... (grannyring)
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120x85Clint the Audio Guy's System (audiobroke)
Any update on tube rolling? I found Tekefunken NOS work great in the phono stage and I replaced one McIntosh 12AX7 in the line stage for a 50’s RCA long blac... (shadorne)
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120x85rhljazz's Mountain home system (rhljazz)
Nice looking setup. Great size room! (hendrixinc)
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120x85ngobrian's System (ngobrian)
Nice setup. What type of speakers are you using? (hendrixinc)
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120x85chilehed's System (chilehed)
Nice big listening room and neat setup. I'll have to research the room treatment for my media center multi channel  area (hendrixinc)
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