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Monoprice 110010 Headphones: A Great Value for Your Money

  Monoprice 110010 is unique in its ability to cancel background noise when you put it on. It is...

Trying to convert my streaming service from Spotify to Qobuz.

Having difficulty converting from Spotify to Qobuz.. Have downloaded Qobuz app and music will pla...

Is There A Hardware upgrade for PC/Laptop Used As A Streamer to my DAC

Hi- My question is whether there is anything I can do to improve the audio quality /reduce noise ...

Used gear prices and the state of the hobby.

I am always on the look-out for quality used gear, especially CD/SACD players. It seems that lat...

Problem on listing

When i try to click on sell item i got Oops Error.

Polk RTi12 bs BW 702 s2

Hey everyone. I have a pair of Polk RTi12, CSI5 center, and RTi6 surrounds. Best Buy is having a...

Japan 100v Luxman amplifier repair

Does anyone know of a tech or shop here in the states who repairs  100v Japan Luxman amps?  

KT88 for McIntosh MC275 mk.IV?

I've had Psvane black bottles for 11 years and liked them. At the time they were a clear improvem...

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Thiel Owners (jafant)
Anyone heard new Zu Union 6? (kray)
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Sternklang Cables (lalitk)
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Trios “Chapel” Live - Lloyd, Frisell, Morgan (lg1)
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120x85lectronjh50's System (lectronjh50)
These cables are so good, you should get them too.    (lectronjh50)
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120x85Recent Upgrades (sidvee)
Changed my source components to an Aurender N200 and the Lampizator Baltic 3.  Really loving the Lampi sound and I didn't expect the Aurender N200 to be much... (sidvee)
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