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Will I notice a difference?

I currently have an Exemplar/Denon 3910 CD player ( a Denon unit modified at great cost by John T...

Nakamich Service Info

I live in NJ and looking for somoene who has a good reputation with servicing Nakamichi ZX-7 tape...

JADIS DEFY7, can not get it to sing

HiI hope some of you old pros can help answer my,,well lets say help me figure out how to get my ...

Sanusi SP-20,000 Rare Speakers HELP

I picked up this really nice set of all original high-end Sansui SP-20000 speakers from a local...

Buzzing through speaker's tweeters - PrimaLuna Dialogue Two Integrated

Hi Everyone,I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Two integrated amp that had all its tubes replaced in Jan...

Please help identify this old tube gear

http://https// Hello. I picked this up a while but have never ...

Atmos Speaker placement

I have an extra pair of some nice DIY book shelve speakers that I would like to use as an overhea...

How do I price used speakers? (Nautilus 800)

I looked everywhere, and have not found a used price for B&W Nautilus 800’s. These are origin...

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My 1st Tube Equipment Experience (oldschool1948)
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Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button? (whatjd)
Pin point imaging isn't for everyone (erik_squires)
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Quality Internet Radio Tuner (ron_hartman)
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High output MC cartridges (thehorn)
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Grace Level ll (mitcho)
A moderate priced dac (audiomaze)
Thiel Owners (jafant)
Pittsburgh, PA Audio Club (asp307)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85bimmerman2's System (bimmerman2)
Thank you. I will experiment with toe in on the subs this weekend. (bimmerman2)
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