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Still looking for speakers in the 10-20,000 range

I’ve heard Proacs, Personas 3 and 5, Ryans, Wilsons, Wilson Benesch, Monitor Audios, B and Ws and...

Want some Recommendation

Can anyone here tell me trusted online websites which offers best quality Wireless Keyboard And...

Mundorf Silver Gold Hook up wire

Looking to replace the internal speaker wire from Xover to drivers ( Tweeter / Midrange ) with Mu...

Krell FBP 400cx Amp for sale?

Hi everyone,I’m in the market for a used Krell FPB 400cx in good to very good condition. If you h...

Why am I hearing this?

I have a Marantz pm700av av surround amplifier and a Marantz 50-st synthesized stereo tuner. I no...

Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?

Guys I have noticed that certain members start with technical back and forth in discussions which...

Amp away for 20 year upgrade...back-up amp to the rescue

I just sent my SMc Audio Revision A+ modified McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe amplifier to SMc for an appa...


Just thought I'd fill you all in , received a News letter from Ortofon about having a 100th Anniv...

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Turntable sounds so much better when... (vinylholicmusic)
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Analogue-free system (whitestix)
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New Yggdrasil - First (and second) Impressions (gdhal)
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Gryphon vs. D'Agostino (imgoodwithtools)
Tinnitus - do you have ringing in the ears? (joeldoss)
The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses .... (oregonpapa)
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ELAC Uni-fi - All Hype?? (10000_hz_legend)
Classe DR-15 amplifier compared to Classe Dr-9 (lornoah)
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Vandie .7 vs Maggie .7 (ottoa63)
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Magico S5 Speaker - SET UP ADVICE PLEASE - Tow-In - Etc. (fsmithjack)
Higher end value cables (easola01)
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Thief Alert (benzman)
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Greatest Rock Drummers (falconquest)
Hugh Masekela, RIP (oregon)
Is there a VERY knowledgeable tech here to talk about tube amps? (kot)
Schiit Modi Multibit (kalali)
How to Hook Up Vandersteen 2W Subwoofer (wendelliam)
recommendations for a replacement for a Levinson no 23 (hartley24)
Amp away for 20 year upgrade...back-up amp to the rescue (hifiman5)
B&W 801 vintage speakers in small space (lawlass)
A "primer" on soldering... (slaw)
The Jadis JA200Mk2 review---or slam! (daveyf)
What do you listen to when no one else can hear it (nrchy)
Are Aerial 10T's still considered a Good speaker on 2018? (alpha3)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
hybrid integrateds (Vincent and others) (sbrownnw)
e bay problems: audio gear and collector records ;broken search engine ? (theoriginalthor1)
Review: Straight Wire Crescendo Interconnect (zear)
Accuphase pricing Japan vs. USA (goose)
Done buying new vinyl (noromance)
martin logan sequel (davethesequel)
JL Audio F110 Fathom pops... (babyseaotter99)
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Equi=Core 1800/Core Power Technologies 1800 (luvrockin)
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017 (imgoodwithtools)
Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
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mdegeorgis's System (mdegeorgis)
Thanks for the compliments, the boxes are solid birdseye maple and the fronts are solid walnut, the speakers are just some old sonys that i had, there is a w... (mdegeorgis)
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Mike's System (saba777)
Very nice.Love the vintage cameras. I have a bunch as well ( that I use) and a bunch of vintage radios. (adeep42)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120chris_chan's System (chris_chan)
What a great room and equipment for enjoying music. (statman)
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mdegeorgis's System (mdegeorgis)
You have excellent taste and do very good work, sir.I'd like to know more about those gorgeous speakers you custom made for your daughter, please. (amvm73)
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Convert?fit=crop&h=85&rotate=exif&w=120A Lifetime of Buying and Selling Brought Me This (stringreen)
Beautiful room and system- Happy Listening! (jafant)
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