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Which component to upgrade to improve bass control?

Adding Symposium shelves and rollerblocks to my monitor (Silverline SR17.5) equipped system defin...

Any direct comparisons between Decware SE34I.5 and SE84UFO2?

I’ve been unsuccessful finding many listening notes contrasting the character and tone of the 2 m...

Rotel RB-980BX

I will be the proud owner of a set of B&W 702 S2 speakers expected to arrive in 2 weeks. My q...

B&K EX442

This unit has 4 internal fuses...on my unit all were 6A, 32V, except one which was 6A, 250V, and ...

Heco Aurora

Anyone have ears on experience? Looking for a 3 way floorstander,easy to drive & found these ...

ISOTEK EVO3 SYNCRO UNI SINE WAVE REBALANCING UNIT - the real deal or snake oil? house is fa...

Moving from Classe SSP800 To CP800

I recently bought Classe SSP800 for my second system and I love the stereo sound so much that I’m...

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Сhakster's System in 2017 - 2019 (chakster)
Thanks @cymbop @noromance @knollbrent @tomic601 for your comments. Audiogon limit is 50 pictures per system, so I’m done with this one :( Hope I can make ano... (chakster)
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120x85Сhakster's System in 2017 - 2019 (chakster)
I love this system. (cymbop)
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