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Looking for Technical help with Scan Tech (Spectral) Cartridge

I am hoping someone can help with an unusual problem that I am having with a Spectral LOMC Cartri...

Falling out of love for my Gallo Strada 2’s (long)

History: For many, many years I enjoyed Martin Logan Sequel 2’s, followed by Ascents with a Logos...

Acurus RL11 Mods

Hello,Does anybody know who does the upgrade modification to these units?

Older jbl speakers and solid state amps

Have been seeing older jbl speakers coming up for sale lately and was wondering how do they sound...

I have a few things i dont need, how do i get them gone?

I have a denon PMA-757 and a tuner think its a 510, i have a pioneer record player (one of the go...

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Do You Care About AESTHETICS? What Are Your Gear/Listening Room Preferences?... (prof)
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Hum/Ground Loop (zakkwylde18)
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Wide dispersion + high efficiency + detail + coherence in a speaker? (zuio)
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Lampizator evolution (rockyboy)
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Using shunyata power cords with a synergistic research powercell 10 UEF (spinner1)
Setup using Denon AVR-4520CI with Bel Canto 300i (D) and 2 Velodyne DD15 subs (scot_m)
DAC drops out when Furnace starts or stops. HELP (jadedavid)
Speaker Suggestions for 300b SET Amp (jbhiller)
Help with next upgrade (asp307)
Buy and upgrade an ARC Ref 75 to 75SE OR buy a new/used 75SE? (beisner)
Interesting Music Discoverys (blblues68)
Opinions: Used BAT VK-51SE or New VK-23SE (snafujg)
Cd storage / backup (bsimon)
Efficient Speakers with SS Powered Subwoofers for SET amps? (chrisallen)
Digital inputs one really better than another? (rockyboy)
B&W 804 Nautilus help (unsound)
Takes one to know one (bdp24)
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously? (halcro)
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TECHNICS 100th Anniversary 2018 Premium Turntables. Their best ever. (audiozen)
Building Maple stand need inexpensive wood supplier (kavakat1)
Choosing a new phono cartridge (scooter0005)
Jazz for aficionados (orpheus10)
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What's your favorite lyric from a song? (arthursmuck)
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts (tubegroover)
Looking for speaker recommendations for CJ Premier 11A (dako)
Throughly disappointed with my new Yamaha A-3000 Integrated....... (dhpeck)
Looking for speaker recommendations that I can purchase on (lowoverdrive)
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120x85mikepaul's System (mikepaul)
hi. bubba12....thanks..with rock or any type or music if the recording is good it will mirror it.  dire straits sound amazing,for example, pink floyd too. ra... (mikepaul)
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120x85dreadhead's System (dreadhead)
New speakers Love them (dreadhead)
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