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My big DAC dilemma

It seems to be a question between musicality vs. detail, transparency and dynamic range. And th...

Speakers for aging audiophiles - What's with today bass emphasis ?

I'd love to pick your brains on a issue and possibly a suggestionMy system has 2 sources, a Logit...

Magico A3 vs. Focal Kanta 2

I have around 10k to play with for a new set of speakers. My current equipment: MC452 C2600 MCD55...

Bob Marley on vinyl?

Has anybody had a great musical experience with the newer Bob Marley vinyl reissues?

Newbie needs HELP!

Looking for suggestions for a quality budget friendly powered usb hub to be used between  my iPho...

Amp for Boenicke W5

I have today a pair of Boenicke W5 speakers hooked to a Bluesound Powernode 2 streamer/amplifier....

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Virtual Systems Activity
120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
Did you make the wood chassis for the grounding box? Looks good and nice job on the piece.  I have been reading up on these and want to build one. I bet your... (grannyring)
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120x85MY Place sbayne (sbayne)
Great.  I will follow your comments here.  I am also interested in your grounding box. Was it worth the effort? (grannyring)
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120x85jcarcopo's Tekton Double Impacts & Art Audio Diavolo System (jcarcopo)
Let's see photos of the Encores please. (aniwolfe)
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120x85cbucki's Next Gen System (cbucki)
Welcome back to the hobby after a sabbatical. You have assembled a very nice system. Looking pretty good. Hope you are enjoying your music!What are your thou... (milpai)
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