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Which DSP for Room Correction?

Which DSP is best for room correction:  Lyngdorf RP-1, DEQX, DSpeaker 2.0 Dual Core, Legacy Wavel...

Onzow Stylus Tip Cleaner

I ordered a Onzow ZeroDust stylus tip cleaner to use with an Ortofon Quintet Black.  I'd read som...

Yamamoto A-08s and preamp CA-04

I have recently ordered a Yamamoto A-08s 45 tube amp and a Yamamoto CA-04 preamp.  I have Avantga...


Hi! I'm a noob. How do you change the main picture of your listing? TIA!

6550 tube in an ARC Ref 5 SE

Hi folks, I’m trying to learn some about amplifier design and function here.My story: I have an A...

My first Tube Amplifier

I have a 40 years of audio history starting with Garrard Turntable, Fisher Intergrated(SS), ADS b...

Radio Paradise in FLAC

I switched the new, improved Radio Paradise feed over to FLAC and it sounds darn good. Soundstage...

Modern speaker comparable to Tannoy R3?

I have a pair of Tannoy Revolution R3 floorstanding speakers that I've owned from new for about 1...

Where are the blind streaming quality tests?

I've been searching around for awhile now trying to find a good article/report on how many audiop...

Totem Forest Signature v. Joseph Audio Profile

I'm considering upgrading my medium size tower speakers.  I'm unable to audition due to location ...

KEF KUBE between Ayre preamp and amp?

I've been driving my KEF Ref 107/2s with Parasound JC 2 BP - 107/2 KUBE - JC 1 monoblocks, but I ...

Watkins Stereo Generation FOUR Loudspeakers Compelling BARGAIN!!

Could this be the Bargain of our LifeTime

How to Silk Screen in Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

What is silk-screening?Silkscreen is a layer of ink traces used to identify components, test poin...

Pheonix Engineering Road Runner

This product was very popular when produced by Phoenix Engineering before they went out of busine...

I need a subwoofer/sub-bass opinion from you

Hello All--I have a large room (well large to me).  It's 20' long, 15 wide, and 10' tall.  I run ...

Streaming DAC

Does there exist a nice quality streaming DAC at least capable of supporting 24/192 and that is a...

‘modern’, ‘mainstream’ speakers—too many models converging towards too similar a sound

Over the last year I’ve auditioned a good number of speaker makes and models.  Through this pro...

Rockport Avior 2

I understand that the voicing with the new waveguide tweeter has changed the sound of the Avior. ...

wanted: VAS Nova/HW cartridge

Looking for a very good used VAS Nova. Interested in giving it a try as an upgrade from my Dynave...

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PS Direct Stream latest firmware, "Snowmass" (ozzy)
Mccormack DNA-225 platinum (mzwerner)
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dead cartridge? Darn the Luck ! ! ! (metropical)
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Hendrix 50th Anniversary Electric Ladyland Box Release (toneranger58)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Living Room System (lancelock)
Lovely place. Lots of natural light. (toudou)
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120x85Ollie's System (olivermeyet)
How do you like the Mani phono preamp? Have you had others before to compare it too?  I'm thinking of upgrading from a cheap but pretty good Behringer pp-400... (mjcmt)
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120x85Living Room System (lancelock)
Nice living space to unwind w/ good tunes. What equipment are you using? (mjcmt)
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120x85mecani's System (mecani)
Being that this is an audiophile website, your equipment list would be nice. Your photo of the room is nice. (mjcmt)
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120x85Audio Nirvana (milpai)
Hi @gulpson,That much space was really not necessary. But a 3-4 incl space was needed when the TVC was being used. This is because if the Bluetooth receiver ... (milpai)
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120x85Our Townhome System (mjcmt)
After years w/o a turntable I purchased a Thorens TD-203 turntable and Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge. Updated photos w/ follow shortly. (mjcmt)
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