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Phono stage gain too high??? Should I return it??

Just purchased a used ARC PH-7 and am wondering if it is defective as the gain seems awfully high...

Ps Audio BHK preamp Vs ARC best preamps

Hello to everyone in this forum, I'm Mario from Venice, Italy and I'm a new member even if I read...

Aurender N100C - alternative apps?

Hi there fellow a-goners!Bought myself an N100C, and found myself completely at a loss: the only ...

What is the preferred cartrige mm or mc and why

Curious to know why some audiophiles prefer a moving coil cartridge over moving magnet type. What...

First Watt vs McIntosh vs Ampzilla

I'm searching for a power amplifier to pair with a McIntosh c712 preamp and Zu Omen Def speakers....

Amperex 6DJ8 tubes with no shield

I have one pair of Amperex 6DJ8 tubes marked Made in Holland, Orange Globe logo. There is No shie...

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Typical New Speaker Dealer Discount A Buyer May Expect (nolojunko)
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Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cable. Any good?? (sunnyjim)
Jazz for aficionados (orpheus10)
How do you deal with an unscrupulous high-end audio dealer? (gerryah930)
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ... (oregonpapa)
Review: Linear Tube Audio (LTA) "Ultralinear" Amplifier (dodgealum)
CDP or DAC with high end volume control (manthik)
Atohm GT1 SE vs KEF LS50 (emerald)
What are your favorite upright 4-5 shelve audio rack recommendations? (dhpeck)
Primaluna Dialogue poremium, Rogue Cronus Magnum II or Jolida 801...who can advise me? (eag618)
Speakers least affected by room acoustics (recordchanger2018)
Focal Kanta No.2 (kosst_amojan)
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC? (melm)
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report (ghosthouse)
New idler for Garrard 401 (noromance)
3 head cassette decks (phasecorrect)
Question for tube aficionados (rvpiano)
Whats on your turntable tonight? (slipknot1)
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017 (imgoodwithtools)
Luxman L590AXii vs Accuphase E-650 for a Shindo lover (essrand)
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic (oregonpapa)
scientific double blinded cable test (nugat)
Whats playing on your system today? (nutty)
Has Anyone Uesed A PrimaLuna Amp With Harbeth Speaker's (bigred71)
Upgrade the projector or projector screen? (danimaz)
Suggestions for a dedicated rock system (goldenear1948)
Is it possible to not see all the albums / CDs for sale? (gottajam)
Tune of the Day (77jovian)
Music reference/ audio research / vpi (fanotunes)
Good Direct Drives (bur70n)
Tidal, Deezer (easola01)
Decware preamp (rlb61)
subwoofer question......what size sub ? (addyson815)
Core Power Technologies Deep Core (sadono)
Suggestions for a cartridge/head for a JVC QL-Y5F (amg56)
Greatest Rock Drummers (falconquest)
First Tube Amp (recluse)
Tannoy Kingdom 15 (3dave)
Thumbs up for ultrasonic record cleaning (phil0618)
Need help picking a cart for VPI Prime (mdelrossi1)
Naim and Elac Adante, Wow (audiotroy)
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously? (halcro)
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD (mattnshilp)
Tonearm recommendation for Dynavector DV-20X cartridge. (mswobo)
Pass labs vs arc (d2girls)
Connection Options for ARC LS-7 to D240 Mk.II (arvincastro)
Want to audition Tekton Double Impacts (mswobo)
Best standalone music server? (uberwaltz)
Review: Fx Audio Tube-01 6J1 Tube Buffer HiFi Preamplifier (honda6)
Classical Music for Aficionados (rvpiano)
Virtual Systems Activity
120x85Air, Magnets, String & Tape (ct0517)
Man, that is one serious compressor! (bdp24)
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