Receiver help

I'm helping a friend put together a modest system, just a receiver, speakers, and CD player.  She wants a receiver for FM so an integrated amp isn't considered.  Probably no more than 50 watts will be needed.  The speakers will be ELAC B5s.  It could be a stereo receiver or AV, but she would only utilize the front stereo pair outputs.

This is not an area I follow.  Based on general reputation I'm thinking of something from Yamaha, Onkyo, etc.  Specific model recommendations would help if you have experience with one.

add Marantz - all 3 make good products

pic one that can drive the speakers used well (find the impedance of the speakers & the low point, then makes ure the amp in the receiver will give good current output at that point and overall)

2nd, choose the features she wants

3rd, the looks of it (women seem to rate that highly, so ask her or go with her)

FM quality differs based on distance DX listening vs. multipath rejection (city) so that might make a difference

some places will allow a home test - if a local dealer won't do that, then just use Amazon or Crutchfield and let the dealer collapse into a pile of bricks & mortar
Budget?  For pretty damn cheap you can get the Yamaha R-S202BL. Sweet little receiver that also has built-in Bluetooth.  Found a place on-line that has some for $109.99.
I haven't looked for a receiver recently but if I were, I would consider a component that supports WiFi streaming. This allows free access to pretty much any radio station that is out there and at a much higher quality than an FM antenna could ever provide. So basically instead of a "receiver " you'll be looking for an integrated amplifier which also supports WiFi streaming. Makes sense?
I'd look at an Outlaw receiver and Silverline Minuet speakers if they're in her budget. 
I would also recommend one of the Marantz receivers and one of their CD players - look great, smooth and musical. 
Thanks all.  The speakers and CD player are resolved.  For a receiver she wants something new with a warranty and the inclusion of including WiFi streaming is a good idea.  It appears she will have a few good choices between Yamaha and Onkyo for under $300 which should suit her needs.