Re-review where to apply Power cables

Used to have my three power cables on PS Audio Power Plant, CD player and Pre-amp.
Recent new purchase makes me wonder if I should re-consider.which equipment gets the top cables
I have PS Audio P1000 Power Plant
CD Player with DAC
Tube pre-amp
Tube power mono-block
Golden ear Triton One - 2 subwoofers.

Basically 7 power cables.  4 will be manufacturer cable.  Which 3 get the premium cable?
Thank you.

Best to experiment, what works best for you is where they belong. A new cable may sound good on a amp but does not mean it will be good on a disc player or vice a versa.
CD player then amp then power conditioner imho... The fun part is to experience by your ears one by one
Agree you have to just spend the time and experiment as there’s no solid rule that applies. I do start with source components first, then to preamp and end at the amp. Cables in my opinion are tone controls so you have to learn the sound or difference of each cable. Obviously with a large amp you should use the heaviest gauge PC there but that may not be as important if the electrical wiring in the wall is #14, whereas if you have 12 or 10 gauge it will make more of a difference on the amp. Room acoustics have a lot to do with how your equipment sounds and that’s where cabling can tune your system to what sounds right for you and you alone. Just going to have to experiment but if you’re looking for somewhere to start better cables on source and heavier PC on amps. 

Good of luck and take your time to enjoy the music. 
I would not want to find myself in similar situation, you need all seven good but possibly different power cords.
I would probably put one on cd player, another one on preamp and the third one on regenerator.
Or, one on preamp and two on monoblocks
Or, one on regenerator and two on monoblocks.
In my system, and I also use PS Audio regenerator for everything, the biggest difference is with the power cord on integrated amp, which covers both preamp and power amp. Second biggest - on regenerator, third biggest on cd player, and forth on the phono stage.
@dcaudio - I have experimented with my own system and as a "rule of thumb" the component with the least capable power supply benefits the most

- my Bluesound Node 2 provided the biggest improvement
- Followed by my Moon Audio Phono amp
- and last my NAIM 5i MKII integrated amp showed the least improvement

I have also tried power cables on a few other source components over the years and they confirmed these observations.

Having said that
- the  PS Audio Power Plant is probably a good candidate for the best power cable also if it is powering your Solid State Gear

Since,and to quote Cary
The biggest difference between them is that a solid-state amp is driven by current throughout the output devices and a tube is driven by voltage.
So due to the fact that tube gear often has pretty good power supllies, I think your tube gear will probably show the least amount of benefit by using the best power cable you have on them

So I would use the best power cord on the Power Plant and source components

Regards - Steve